eye-catcher! Twenty4Tim is proud of his stretch marks


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Boys also have doubts and problems with their bodies. The clarified Instagram star Twenty4Tim (22) already with open confessions. After hitting a rock bottom, he seems to have found his own path to self-love - and is fully committed to his body, as he now shows with a photo of his stomach and stretch marks.

The fight has a sweet ending

Colourful, shrill, loud. That's how you know internet star Twenty4Tim. With crazy videos in immensely high heels and with bright make-up, he entertains his now around 6 million followers on Instagram and TikTok. But since the beginning of December, he has also been showing himself from a completely different side online: fragile and angry. He goes public with what confronts him every day: Hatred, insults, body shaming . It has long been known that he suffered from an eating disorder. A situation that plunged him into unhealthy eating habits again.

He wants to put an end to it all with a shocking video: He tries his Hater wake up and shows who is behind the crazy facade. He reveals that he has gained around 26 kilos in the last few months and is again facing an eating disorder.

But apparently he has learned a lot from his difficult past and is now surprising his community with a glimmer of hope. He posts himself with a bare stomach and writes: “Can we please finally normalize stretch marks? 'Cause mine are cute.”

self love

Yes, boys can have stretch marks too! After years of dissatisfaction with his body, Twenty4Tim now makes a strong statement. The Instagram star proudly presents the stretch marks, which have been declared “disturbing” everywhere, to the camera. He now seems to accept and even like his 'quirks'. There must have been a long process behind this step, because his problems with the body began at an early age.

In his school days he was a little heavier than others, weighing around 100 kilos at the age of 14. He wanted to change this, changed his diet and did a lot of sport. He answered. So much that at some point he no longer had the strength to train. Today's tip for everyone who is also unsure about themselves: find the trigger and work on it effectively!

In the video: Twenty4Tim is badly hated on the internet

  Twenty4Tim is badly hated on the internet

He has apparently found his trigger and the way to recovery. Because with his latest Instagram post he shows how beautiful he finds himself - also with small red stripes on the stomach. A role model for many men and women. (rbe)

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