'Face like a pancake': Lena Gercke gives a pregnancy update


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 It will soon be time for Lena Gercke: she will have her second child.
Lena Gercke is about to give birth to her second child. © picture alliance

After her fans first believed that Baby was already born , Lena Gercke (34) is now back with a pregnancy update. She posts a selfie in which she complains about the normal aches and pains of pregnancy – down to earth as ever!

Lena is Miss 'just tired'

 With this snapshot, Lena reports back to her fans.
Lena Gercke gives her fans a little update from her pregnancy. © Instagram, lenagercke

Uff, which pregnant woman does not know these problems? Lena Gercke reports on her pregnancy in her Instagram story and writes: 'Miss 'just tired' and my face is slowly swelling into a pancake.' But the make-up model still looks pretty good! Nevertheless: hats off for so much honesty and authenticity! Lena has hers in June second pregnancy made public , since then she has been posting nice photos from her pregnancy time again and again.

life as a family

Since July 2020 daughter Zoe (two) for hustle and bustle . Lena Gercke and her boyfriend Dustin Schöne (37) post many photos together from everyday family life: Whether on excursions into nature, on vacation or making music together at home - the family lets their fans participate. In August, Zoe came to daycare, a big day. After all, they will soon need every free minute for baby number two!

In the video: Lena Gercke's daughter shows talent

 Lena Gercke's daughter shows talent

The power couple is growing

The GNTM winner and the commercial director have been officially a couple since April 2019, and a year later they became parents for the first time. Even if family life is harmonious, Lena likes one thing not at all on her Dustin : Apparently he sometimes leaves used diapers lying around. Soon the two will have to change more diapers... (you know)

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