Family Zoff in the Wendler circle: Adeline Norberg testifies against her mother in court


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Wendler daughter Adeline shoots her own mother

by Sebastian Tews and Leonie Krebber

falls Adeline Norberg (20) in the back of her mama now? During a court case, from the actually dad and hit star Michael Wendler (50) is affected, the 20-year-old has now made a statement – ​​and her mother Claudia Norberg (52) quite exposed. RTL has the minutes of their witness testimony. In the video, Wendler's ex-manager makes incriminating statements about the incident in our interview.

'My father composed all the songs himself'

It's about 42,825 euros! Michael Wendler demands this money from GEMA. At the time of his bankruptcy, his ex-wife Claudia had stated to the music collecting society that her husband's 176 hit songs came from her pen. But when Claudia's company went bankrupt, the singer suddenly claimed again that he was the author of the songs. Since then, it should be clarified in court who is telling the truth.

That's why daughter Adeline had to testify under oath. On October 31, 2022, she was brought from the USA to the courtroom in Germany via video link. Your testimony? Definitely for her dad. “My father composed all the songs himself. He played guitar and piano. He also wrote down grades. He did that at home and in the recording studio. I saw him correct grades. My father can read music and he can also play the piano,” she said verbatim in the interrogation.

In the video: Adeline's future plans away from Wendler

  Adeline's future plans apart from Wendler

'I don't know what my mother did all day'

The 20-year-old doesn't leave a good hair on her mother - at least when it comes to her musical talent. “My mother never had anything to do with music. She also cannot write texts. I would like to add that my mother is not at all musically talented,” explains Adeline. And further: “Here should not be the impression that she is a bit talented. I can safely say that my mother would not be able to compose and write lyrics. (...) I don't know what my mother did all day.'

It was 'incorrect' that her mother had stated in the past that she was the author of the hit songs. 'It's a mistake in the statement [...] I know that my mother never wrote a song,' says the 20-year-old.

Ex-manager thinks Adeline is lying

Statements that do not match those of Wendler's former manager, Heiko Schulte-Siering (55). Schulte-Siering managed Wendler at the peak of his career. But even then he 'couldn't read notes, let alone write or correct them.' The 55-year-old reveals this in an interview with RTL. 'In my opinion, Adeline lied for her father in court,' claims Schulte-Siering. Wendler's piano was only in his house because he 'wanted to feel like Udo Jürgens'. But the 'She loves the DJ' interpreter couldn't even have played 'Alle meine Entchen' on it.

The 55-year-old questions Adeline's credibility – after all, she was only between four and ten years old at the time of the bankruptcy. 'How can a child testify credibly as a witness after such a long time?' says Schulte-Siering. So far, neither Michael Wendler nor Claudia Norberg have responded to an RTL request.

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