'Fantastic Four': Reboot of the Marvel troupe is taking shape


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"Fantastic Four": Reboot der Marvel-Truppe nimmt Form an
The 'Fantastic Four' were last seen in cinemas in 2015 - but it was a performance to forget. © imago/ZUMA Wire, SpotOn

Writer duo and director

The popular comic hero troupe 'Fantastic Four' has had a difficult time on the big screen so far. The film adaptations with Chris Evans (41) and Jessica Alba (41), which appeared in 2005 and 2007, fell through with many fans and critics. The 2015 reboot starring Kate Mara, 39, Michael B. Jordan, 35, and Miles Teller, 35, was panned even harder. The third attempt by the Fantastischen Vier should fix it - and according to the industry website 'Deadline', it is still taking shape.

According to the report, Disney has been able to win a well-rehearsed author duo to take care of the story of the upcoming Marvel blockbuster: Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer. The two have already worked together as screenwriters on 'Bert and Arnie's Guide to Friendship' and 'The Last of the Great Romantics', among other things, but are still unknown in the first Hollywood squad. A brave decision, then, that they are said to be entrusted with introducing the 'Fantastic Four' into the large-scale Marvel Cinematic Universe.

director poached

Marvel boss Kevin Feige (49) recently announced that Matt Shakman (47) will direct 'Fantastic Four'. According to reports from the Paramount Pictures film studio, Shakman was actually planned as the director for the fourth strip in the new 'Star Trek' series about Chris Pine (42), but apparently he couldn't let Marvel's reputation pass him by. Especially since he has already proven that the MCU suits him: After shooting episodes of 'Game of Thrones' and 'Fargo', among others, Shakman directed all episodes of the acclaimed Marvel series 'WandaVision'.

What's still missing is the cast. According to the report, the four title heroes are now to be found while Kaplan and Springer are working on the script. There is still some time left for the search anyway: According to Feige, the 'Fantastic Four' film should start the sixth Marvel phase. This will most likely be the case by the end of 2024.

The fact that the four warriors only appear so late in the MCU has to do with the tricky legal situation of some Marvel comic adaptations. The 'Fantastic Four' brand belonged to 20th Century Fox until Disney bought the film studio and its rights catalog in 2019...

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