Farewell to filters! From now on, Gerda Lewis is completely natural


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Gerda Lewis
Gerda Lewis © TVNOW/Arya Shirazi

Gerda Lewis (29) is tired of fake photos. The former Bachelorette wants to do without Photoshop and Co. in the future. She just wants to show her fans what she really looks like. So far she has edited her photos for social media to always present a perfect picture of herself. Not anymore!

'When I see that, I scare myself...'

Gerda can still remember very well how she used to present herself on her social media channels. The model used face filters in particular on a daily basis in order to show herself from her best side as far as possible. But today she no longer uses them, as she explains in an interview with Promiflash: 'When I see that, I scare myself because I see a person that I am not and never was.' Means: She wants to show her followers exactly how she looks at that moment, both after getting up and before going to bed. Because: 'There is no such thing as a perfect person.' Everyone has individual flaws, but they have to learn to accept them and bear them with dignity, especially as they get older.

In the video: Gerda Lewis receives a complaint about luxury sneakers

 Gerda Lewis is reported for luxury sneakers

Looking good has always been important

In 2018, Gerda Lewis started her TV career as a candidate on 'Germany's next top model'. In the 13th season of Heidi Klum's model show. There she made it to number 17. She didn't get very far there, but she developed into a crowd favorite on the show and took off on Instagram.

A year later, as the new 'Bachelorette', she went in search of her dream man . She left the show with Candidate Keno Rüst (28). Only a few weeks later it was over.

Today Gerda Lewis is happily single. (mri)

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