Farewell to the Queen: Queen Elizabeth II begins her final journey


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 Queen Elizabeth II begins her final journey

farewell to Queen Elizabeth II († 96): The hearse with the coffin of the late British Queen left the grounds of Balmoral Castle on Sunday (September 11). As reported by the media, six bearers had previously carried the oak coffin out of the castle, where he had been laid out in the ballroom for the past few days . A wreath of flowers was placed on the coffin visible through the windows of the carriage. You can see the pictures in our video above.

The Scottish people should be able to say goodbye

Three days after the Queen's sudden death this is her last official journey. From the Scottish castle of Balmoral we travel to Edinburgh. There, the Queen is to be laid out in the 'Holyrood Palace' residence. Hours earlier, onlookers had gathered along the route around Balmoral to escort the beloved monarch on her final journey. Hundreds of bouquets of flowers that people had laid there were already lying at the gate of the castle in the morning.

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The hearse was accompanied by a convoy of other vehicles. Many thousands of people were expected along the route by which the late Queen was to be taken to the Edinburgh residence on Thursday. Six hours were estimated for the route south, which actually only takes around two and a half hours by car. Sometimes the column is supposed to drive at walking speed to give those present a view of the coffin of the deceased regent. The route will pass through the cities of Aberdeen and Dundee, among others.

In the video: Here the Queen's column is getting ready

 Here the Queen's column is getting ready

From Scotland to London

Hours before departure, hundreds had gathered in front of the castle and in the nearby town of Ballater, some equipped with camping chairs, to pay their last respects to their queen. Many had flowers and messages for the monarch, as seen on TV.

On Monday (September 12) the Queen's coffin - accompanied by the royal family - is to be transferred to St Giles' Cathedral . There the Queen is laid out for 24 hours before being transferred to London. The state funeral is scheduled for September 19 . Representatives from all over the world and numerous royal heads are expected in the British capital. The Queen died on Thursday (September 8) at Balmoral Castle aged 96. (dpa/vne)

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