Fears of loss, jealousy & marital problems: now Diana's butler unpacks


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Diana's butler Paul Burrell brings light into the darkness.
Diana's butler Paul Burrell brings light into the darkness. © picture alliance

Butler Paul Burrell knew Diana very well

Princess Diana († 36) is the number one topic of conversation again, because 26 years after her scandalous interview with BBC journalist Martin Bashir (58), it has now come to light that that she was most likely urged to do so with forged documents . Now her former butler Paul Burrell (62) also speaks up. In the BILD interview, he talks about the real fears and needs of the 'Queen of Hearts'. Diana had great fears of loss and felt alone in her marriage, which eventually led to her divorce Prinz Charles (72) led. You can find out more here.

Princess Diana is said to have been convinced that her husband was having an affair with the nanny

Princess Diana caused a scandal 26 years ago with her BBC interview. But she is said not to have voluntarily revealed private details from the life of the British royals, but rather to have been pushed to do so. The journalist Martin Bashir is said to have shown her fake abortion documents. Diana was made to believe that her sons' nanny, Tiggy Legge-Bourke, 55, had aborted a child and that Charles was the father. This assumption probably only fueled her fears, which she had had for a long time, as Paul Burrell now reveals: 'Diana was convinced of this liaison and that Tiggy even had an abortion. I was there when she confronted the nanny at the staff Christmas dinner at London's Lanesborough Hotel. Tiggy was devastated and left the room in tears.'

This was Diana's 'worst nightmare'

But not only the alleged affair worried her. Her biggest fear was probably losing her sons. 'It seemed to her that after Charles broke up, she would be replaced by Tiggy Legge-Bourke. Having her children taken away from her was her worst nightmare.”

On top of that, she experienced increasing rejection in her marriage to Charles after their two sons were born, as her former butler claims: 'He wasn't very supportive of Diana. I saw first hand how cruelly she was rejected. On a trip to Japan, he commented on her new plaid tartan dress, 'You look like a British Caledonian stewardess'. The princess was devastated. During the final years of her marriage, she was constantly being told that she wasn't good enough, and it broke her. Diana was trapped in the palace - without love. It was a terrible and cruel life for her.”

And further: 'In public she seemed self-confident, but privately she was the opposite. After years of being undermined by Prince Charles, she thought everyone was against her. She suffered in silence.”

Video: Was Diana pushed into the scandalous interview?

  Was Lady Diana pressured into a scandalous interview?

Is the truth out now?

Dianas Bruder Charles Spencer (56) and her son Prince William (38) have started an investigation. They finally want to bring the truth to light and show how Diana was made to talk in 1995.

Paul Burrell, however, has a very different view. He says: 'I don't think Martin Bashir tricked the princess into doing the interview. She wanted to tell her truth in her own words - and she knew exactly what she was going to say. She wanted people to see how she was suffering and how cruel royal life had been to her.'

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