Film freaks will discover HIM in 'Pretty Woman' and 'The Princess Diaries'!


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Julia Roberts in"Pretty Woman" und Anne Hathaway in "Plötzlich Prinzessin"
Rom-com fans have now uncovered a quirky connection between 'Pretty Woman' starring Julia Roberts and 'The Princess Diaries' starring Anne Hathaway. © Imago, picture alliance

Both films enjoy cult status: 'Pretty Woman' made it Julia Roberts (55) finally became a world star in 1990 and brought her a Golden Globe Award and even an Oscar nomination! Anne Hathaway (40) became a Hollywood star with the romantic comedy 'The Princess Suddenly!' in 2001. Although there are not only eleven years between the two films, and there is no other real connection, fans have now, more than twenty years later, noticed a bizarre similarity: An actor plays the same role in both comedies - with the same text!

What a joke!

It really took eagle eyes and an elephant's memory to notice this similarity! Both films have been viewed millions of times and are also shown in countless reruns on television. Still, it took more than twenty years to notice this funny detail.

Both films come from the director Garry Marshall (1934 – 2016), who, among other things, also worked for the film “The bride who doesn’t dare”, also with Julia and Richard Gere (73), is responsible. And the successful filmmaker seems to have allowed himself a joke: Because with actor Marvin Braverman he has created a role that appears in both films - and speaks the same line of text. Does the phrase “It happens all the time” sound familiar to you?

The two scenes

In the movie ' Pretty Woman Marvin co-stars as a waiter when Edward (Gere) takes Vivian (Roberts) to a business dinner. There the young woman is given snails in the first course, which she doesn't really know how to deal with. The funny moment in which a snail jumps out of the tongs has become iconic. Marvin as the waiter skillfully catches what Vivian calls 'the slippery prick' and says: 'It happens all the time'.

Eleven years later he appeared in the same role in the film with Anne. There, too, it is a dinner scene. Amelia (Hathaway) attends a state banquet hosted by her grandmother, Queen Clarisse (played by Julie Andrews ) is aligned, part. It's like the debut of the young woman who suddenly became a princess in high society. When she does not gallantly smash a wine glass with a fork, Marvin is there again, cleans up the clumsiness and says his one sentence: 'It happens all the time.' He also appears in the sequel and catches her ring. That also happens, you guessed it, 'constantly'.

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Not the only parallel

Marvin isn't the only actor to appear in both films. Garry Marshall was known to enjoy shooting with the same cast. And so too played actors Hector Elizondo (86) in both plants. In 'Pretty Woman' the now 86-year-old played the hotel manager Barney, who takes Vivian a little under his wing. He starred alongside Anne Hathaway as security guard Joe. In all, Hector has acted in 18 of Marshall's films. (vne)

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