Film review 'Shattered' - Revealing in a bloody erotic thriller: Veronica Ferres daughter Lilly Krug

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Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Kinothriller"Shattered" - Lilly Krug braucht eine ... Weinberatung
Cinema thriller 'Shattered' - Lilly Krug needs a... wine advice © Leonine

by Mireilla Zirpins

Lilly Krug (21), the daughter of Veronica Ferres, is just starting out as an actress in Hollywood. She will next be seen opposite Gerard Butler in the thriller Plane. Now the erotic thriller 'Shattered' is coming to the cinema - with Lilly in the leading role. As a murderous beauty, she is allowed to show her charms and also drum up the advertising for the film on 'Wetten dass...'. Along with her mother and John Malkovich, who, by the way, has a supporting role in the film.

  Lilly Krug in Shattered
Lilly Krug in Shattered © Leonine

And what is 'Shattered' about?

Completely soaked in a mini skirt under a short bright yellow raincoat, Lilly, as the blonde siren Sky, asks a stranger in the supermarket at night for advice on wine. And accompanies the dapper Chris (Cameron Monaghan) to his luxurious property. After all, he has more fine wines in store. Anyone who is worried about the safety of the scantily clad beauty is completely wrong.

A little later she sits moaning on her new acquaintance. And the young tech millionaire has no doubts about their intentions. Not even when he was beaten up on the street a little later in Sky's presence and Sky served another man's fantasy. Completely 'selflessly' she moves in with him so that he saves himself the nurse. Of course, she knows that the insecure Chris lives all alone in his 'Panic Room'-style secured villa, because he is separated from his wife and child. And of course, the good Sky already knew that he was very rich before he went to the supermarket...

'Shattered' is all about show values

  Lilly Krug and mother Veronica Ferres at the premiere of"Shattered"
Lilly Krug and mother Veronica Ferres at the premiere of 'Shattered' © Leonine

You can tell everything here, after all, you can already see it in the trailer. And those who have seen it are not really surprised by the story - come on, it's a bloodthirsty erotic thriller, this is about other values ​​- show values! Lilly Krug is allowed to show plenty of long legs and more and, in addition to the good Chris, also has her roommate at the start, not just for living together, of course. And the depictions of violence are just as open-hearted as the eroticism. In between you can laugh heartily because it's even unintentionally funny from time to time. But 'Shattered' doesn't want to be great cinematic art either, just a bit of splatter entertainment.

Lilly Krug cuts a fine figure as a scantily clad psychopath

Lilly Krug at least cuts a good figure in all the tight dresses and exudes a lot of energy. Otherwise, she usually has to swing weapons with her long legs and a crazy grin on her pretty face and let the blood splatter - for example with a drill (age rating: from 16). Cameron Monaghan pales as Chris next to it. And John Malkovich? Mimics Sky's mad landlord in balloon silk suit. Also kind of crazy.

Who is 'Shattered' for?

Those who like the combination of eroticism and violence can get their money's worth in 'Shattered' by Luis Prieto ('Pusher'), but shouldn't expect a film work of art in the style of 'Basic Instinct' or 'A Fateful Affair'. (city)

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