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  Nora Tschirner and Karoline Herfurth in"Einfach mal was Schönes"
Nora Tschirner and Karoline Herfurth in 'Simply something nice' © Warner Bros. Entertainment GmbH

by Mireilla Zirpins

Karoline Herfurth succeeds in the next coup as a director: After she had eaten ten kilos for her hit movie 'Beautiful'. , she also shows herself wonderfully unpretentious in her new film 'Einfach malwas schönes'. Completely crying and in clothes that are at least a matter of taste, she mimics a frustrated single woman in her late thirties who first wants a guy and when that doesn't work out, a child of all things. Sounds like a flawless comedy, it's really hilarious in places, but extremely touching at the right moments.

Never again sex with the ex - that's the drama!

It becomes clear right from the start that our anti-heroine Karla (Karoline Herfurth plays her with enthusiasm herself) can be embarrassing to the point of embarrassment. When her ex moves out, she clings to him in front of the moving truck. And we haven't even talked about their professional youthful hipster clothes.

Karla thinks: If the guy breaks up after three years of relationship, you can't just accept that as a woman in her late 30s. Especially since her online dating attempts always end in disaster: First she makes a fool of herself, including mud seals, to please a male willing to mate. But shortly after the car sex, his wife calls to do some shopping.

When her ex shows up at Karla's father's second wedding with his pregnant new girl in tow, Karla hears her biological clock ticking. It should have been YOU! If she can't get a guy, at least she wants a baby. You can do it without a relationship today.

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Who will be Karla's sweetheart? The sperm donor or the 28-year-old toy boy?

It probably sounds like a lot of films to you that you've already seen - and Karoline Herfurth knows them all, from 'The B Plan for Love' to 'The First Time'. She cheerfully uses the rom-com clichés to mix something entirely her own. After hunting down the man for life, she sends Karla on a second round of speed dating – this time to find a sperm donor for co-parenting. Oh yes, and please only one baby should come out, because more would be too much for her as a single mother over 40.

Of course, we viewers have known for a long time that Karla should give the cute male nurse Ole (Aaran Altaras), who fell at her feet at Dad's wedding, a real chance. He quickly makes it into her bed, but not into her heart. Because Ole is only sweet 28. And Karla already has one foot in the sperm bank...

Laughed heartily and shed a tear at the end: 'Just something nice'

But no matter how heartily we can laugh about Karla's fatalism, her sister's crude sense of humor and all sorts of splattered bodily fluids: In reality, it's Karla who has to grow up before she's ready for a baby and a new relationship. She hasn't even cut her cord from her mother (a blast: Ulrike Kriener).

No wonder, because after all these years, Karla's alcoholic mother is still not over the separation from her ex and crashes at the beginning of his wedding, which is extremely embarrassing. Yes, especially when Ulrike Kriener gives everything as Schnapsdrossel, it's sometimes a bit over the top, that's how big our foreign shame is. But that's exactly what Karoline Herfurth is all about. She forces us to endure lengths, kitsch, clichés and exaggeration and fortunately rewards us time and again with a liberating laugh. Basically like a family party

And that becomes more and more clear as the film progresses: it's much less important to her that Karla's potty finds its lid in the romantic sense, she's much more interested in the many facets of being a woman, motherhood and family.

Pretty much for such a boy-meets-girl story? Even! And that's why, for once, the secondary characters are drawn really lovingly and are extremely important: above all Nora Tschirner, who can explain the whole drama of marital frustration with her facial expressions alone: ​​50 shades of twitching corners of the mouth. Or Milena Tscharntke (ex-child star from the “Wilde Hühner” films), who, as a little sister addicted to harmony, sheds tears and hyperventilates. And last but not least, singer Jasmin Shakeri ('Buba'), who, as a resolute friend and colleague, doesn't mince words. The fact that the very young lover boy remains a bit pale with so much girl power is actually only logical.

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