Fiona Erdmann has to stop breastfeeding because of dangerous medication


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  Fiona Erdmann is the mother of two children.
Fiona Erdmann is the mother of two children. © imago/Future Image, SpotOn

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  • Fiona Erdmann has to stop breastfeeding with a heavy heart
  • Is Silvia Wollny still in contact with her sons Sascha and Patrick?

January 10, 2023: Fiona Erdmann has to stop breastfeeding with a heavy heart

for seven months Fiona Erdmann (34) Daughter Neyla breastfed - and with only one breast! But that's over now, as the former GNTM candidate reveals to her Instagram community with some trepidation. “Now this trip is unfortunately over and I am a bit sad. I loved breastfeeding and would have loved to continue. But not at any price. Because health comes first,” she writes about several snapshots in which she gives her baby the breast.

Reading Tip: Fiona Erdmann has breastfeeding problems: daughter Neyla is no longer gaining enough weight

The reason: a drug that is supposed to help women breastfeed. “I was prescribed Motilium by a lactation consultant. They are actually anti-nausea, but have the side effect that breast milk production increases,” explains the mom of two. The pills also worked well for her: “But when I found out that these pills could damage my heart and Neyla’s heart, I stopped from one day to the next. For our health. Unfortunately, that was the end of our breastfeeding period and Neyla was bottle-fed from then on.' Fiona is grateful that she was able to breastfeed her daughter for at least a few months and is glad that her child gets everything it needs with the bottle .

January 9, 2023: Silvia Wollny clears up rumors about her sons

  Silvia Wollny clears up rumors
Silvia Wollny © imago/Noah Wedel, SpotOn

Is the house blessing at the Wollnys hanging crooked behind the scenes? Because Patrick and Sascha Wollny are almost never seen in public, the fans of the extended family suspect that there is stress with mom Silvia Wollny are. The mother of 11 now clears up this rumor in a question and answer session on Instagram.

When asked directly whether Silvia still has contact with her sons, she replies: 'Yes, I have good contact with Sascha and Patrick.'

Everything is fine with daughter Calantha, too. Silvia's followers recently wondered that Silvia wished her granddaughter Cataleya a happy birthday on Instagram, but her mother - Silvia's daughter Calantha - did not appear in the story.

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