Fire drama about Mandy Capristo: 'Left the house immediately to drive as far away as possible'


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 ARCHIVE - The singer and UNICEF sponsor Mandy Capristo recorded on November 29, 2015 as part of the 'Cooking for Friends' campaign in Cologne (North Rhine-Westphalia). (to dpa 'Colorful eggs, Striezel or fasting? How celebrities celebrate Easter' from April 12, 2017) Photo: Rolf V
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It's a horror to imagine, huh Mandy Capristo (32) has now experienced. The musician is currently on the road in Cape Town. While just a few days ago she was still posting gorgeous snapshots and clips South Africa shared, there was now a terrible incident on site: the musician had to flee from a fire!

Mandy Capristo: 'I couldn't close my eyes all night'

Explained in her Instagram story the former 'Monrose' singer , what's happened. 'Last night at dinner we received information that there was a big fire in our village,' writes Mandy to a video that shows the extent of the fire. She adds: 'We immediately left the house to drive as far away as possible.' They tried to take all the animals with them and flee with them. A moment she won't soon forget. “Being so close to this situation takes your breath away. I couldn't close my eyes all night thinking of all the families, firefighters and animals.'

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Ex-'Monrose' star can get to safety'

She also shares photos and a quote in her feed: “Our earth is precious. Our life is delicate. It can be taken from you in three seconds.” Mandy was able to flee in time and fortunately only escaped with a fright. 'We're safe,' she gives an update on her Instagram story a few hours later. Nevertheless, she prays - for all those who are still there and fear for their home. (dga)

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