'First Dates' host Roland Trettl: separation from his wife after 12 years


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Roland Trettl and his wife have separated

On TV at ' First Dates - A table for two ' is Roland Trettl the matchmaker. In his private life, things have also been going well in terms of love – until now. The VOX star and his wife have now announced their separation in a joint statement.

'Unfortunately, it's not enough for a common love anymore'

Roland Trettl and his Daniela 'Dani' were a couple for 12 years. In April they would have celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary. But that is no longer the case. The two have split up - but apparently in friendship.

'We care about something,' Dani begins the statement. Then Roland takes over: “We thought long and hard about how to communicate it. [...] It should be you who find out that Dani, this wonderful woman, and I have split up.' The brunette explains: 'Separated as a couple. Always together as parents for our son.” The TV chef continues: “Our love will be big enough for our son to always have a good time. We will always be able to treat each other with respect. We will always know that we were with a wonderful person. But unfortunately it is no longer enough for a shared love.”

In February 2021, the couple revealed to us how he conquered his Dani back then. And what a miracle: he “softened” them with his cooking skills. A year ago they answered our questions in the big love interview, as can be seen again later in the video:

In the video: Roland Trettl and his Dani in the love interview

 Roland Trettl in a love interview

Roland and Dani have their son Diego (10). The 51-year-old not only plays football with him regularly, but also parlor games. But there are often problems, as he recently revealed in an interview with GALA: 'We are constantly arguing because none of us want to give in. But fighting to win doesn't have to be a bad quality.'

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