First excerpts from Prince Harry's explosive interview: This is how he experienced the death of his beloved mother


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Whether Prinz Harry (38) with his Memoirs 'Spare' (in German: 'Reserve') * did a favor? Questionable! The British press is calling it the most sensational and devastating royal revelations in decades. In any case, Harry himself seems absolutely certain that he is doing the right thing and that he has no choice but to open his mouth in public. In an interview about his book, which RTL will be showing exclusively in Germany tonight from 5 p.m., he raises serious new allegations against it British royal family . We already have exclusive excerpts from it here, in which he also speaks of the tragic death of his mother.

Princess Diana's death has left Prince Harry feeling guilty

Prince Harry's autobiography is hotly debated even before it's officially released. The work was actually not supposed to be published until January 10th, but it accidentally ended up in bookstores in Spain on January 5th. Since then, explosive details have been leaking out - felt like every hour - and leaving royal fans all over the world gaping. Because the preliminary information reveals more about Harry's life than readers probably ever wanted to know. It's about penis injuries Sex , drugs – and a lot of private drama in a broken family.

Above all, the death of his mother, Princess Diana († 36), has left its mark. In the interview, Harry remembers how his father gave him the sad news. 'He sat down by my bed and put his hand on my knee. Darling boy, Mommy was in a car accident. I still thought: A car accident, ok, but she'll probably be fine,' says Harry in an interview with British journalist Tom Bradby. 'I vividly remember that thought and patiently waiting for my dad to confirm that mommy was fine and that he hadn't.'

A lot has changed since then. 'I cried once, at the funeral. And you know what, now I can talk about how weird that was and how I actually felt guilty – and I think so did William!” The little boys had to smile and shake a lot of hands for the public back then. But at that time he couldn't understand the circumstances and why all these people's hands were wet. 'It came from the tears people wiped away. It was very strange for us,” the 38-year-old recalls. 'This outpouring of emotion from millions of people and everyone felt like they knew our mother. And the two closest to her, the ones she loved the most, couldn't show any feelings at the moment,' Harry said.

Prince Harry: 'I have to bet on the truth'

'I love my father, I love my brother. I love my family and always will. I didn't want to harm or hurt them with anything I wrote or did. But you know, I have to rely on the truth,' says Harry now in an interview with the journalist.

However, his truth also includes new violent allegations against Camilla, the second wife of his father King Charles (74). The prince now indicates that the 75-year-old has specifically participated in inciting the press against him and his wife Meghan (41). You can see why Prince William (40) and Princess Kate (41) allegedly had to suffer from the 'bad stepmother' in the video above.

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RTL shows Prince Harry's explosive full-length interview

Prince Harry's autobiography will be released on January 10th. For the publication of his book, the 38-year-old gave a detailed interview to the British broadcaster ITV. RTL is showing the entire conversation exclusively in Germany on January 9 from 5 p.m. in the special program “Exclusive Special: Harry, the Interview”. (tma)

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