Florian Silbereisen in private: That's how the pop singer really ticks


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"Das Traumschiff": Eine Extrafolge auch im kommenden Jahr
Barbara Wussow reveals how Florian Silbereisen ticks behind the camera. © ZDF / Dirk Bartling, SpotOn

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  • Barbara Wussow reveals: This is how private Florian Silbereisen ticks

  • Jürgen Milski reveals details about his family's horror accident

  • Wolfgang Petry: He and his Rosie married 'because of the money'

January 17, 2023: This is Florian Silbereisen behind the camera

  The TV program for Christmas 2022
Florian Silbereisen on the set with his colleagues from 'Das Traumschiff'. © ZDF/Dirk Bartling, SpotOn

He is a singer, actor and Moderator . Works in front of the camera Florian Silbereisen (41) always very controlled and spotless. But what is he like when not all eyes are on him? His fellow actress Barbara Wussow (61) has now revealed it in an interview with 'Schlager.de'. She recently stood in front of the camera again with Florian; for the television series 'Das Traumschiff'. And yes, Barbara admits he lives the real jet set life: 'If he had a show, he'll arrive on the plane at four in the morning wherever the ship is. He's brought on board and by seven o'clock he's in makeup.' And while everyone else would be extremely irritated with this stress and lack of sleep, Florian comes to the set relaxed and charming - and always well prepared: 'He can do his texts like a straight A student'. In addition to superstars, there are also super nerds. Sounds pretty stuffy. But only at first listener. Because working life and private life he seems to separate strictly. After the shoot is over, there's boisterous partying, spontaneous trips to the casino or merry cocktails, reveals Barbara. Okay Flo, so you really are as flawless as we thought you were.

January 17, 2023: Jürgen Milski reveals details about the horror accident

Actually pop singer keeps Jurgen Milski his private life largely private. In a new Instagram post, he now shares details of a bad childhood event: 'In 1974 we were driving with the family in the car on Neusser Landstrasse. The car went off the road, just past a tree (...) That Peter could lead a completely normal life, let alone be on stage with me, that was totally unthinkable as a child,' he explains Magazine 'Yes we Cologne' surprisingly emotional. His then five-year-old brother Peter was thrown from the car and suffered a serious head injury. His mother almost bled to death on that bad day.

The dramatic accident welded him and his brother Peter together a lot: “My brother just started to stutter after the accident. That was probably trauma. Children can sometimes be cruel, of course he was also teased once. But then he called me directly, his big brother. And I cleared that up.' They describe themselves as twins who are just six years apart - even perform together on Mallorca . The love between the Milski brothers really can't be missed.

In the video: Jürgen Milski: My brother snatched all the women away from me

  My brother snatched all my women away from me

January 16, 2023: Wolfgang Petry admits: you got married because of the money

'From the moment we met, she became the woman of my life,' singer enthuses Wolfgang Petry from his wife Rosie. The 71-year-old tells the magazine 'Meine Melodie' that their marriage did not start as romantically as it sounds: 'I had to do my military service, and we got married because of the money.' Nevertheless, they have been together for over Happily married for 50 years and Rosie even got a song for her golden wedding anniversary from her husband. It sounds like something out of a Hollywood love story when the hit star talks about the love of his life: 'My Rosie was there at every performance from the mid-90s (...) I like everything about Rosie. Even the things that piss me off about her.' And even if the Petry marriage certainly had its ups and downs, nothing stands in the way of the platinum wedding (55 years).

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