For fear of paparazzi: Pregnant Blake Lively shares forced baby bump photos


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 She shares intimate insights into her personal life.
Blake Lively posts private pictures on Instagram where you can clearly see her baby bump - and she's afraid of the paparazzi. © IMAGO/UPI Photo, IMAGO/John Angelillo,

Blake Lively (35) is now taking action. With husband Ryan Reynolds, she is currently expecting children for the fourth time, as she recently announced . The fact that paparazzi had been besieging the pregnant actress's house for days to get the first baby bump snapshots frightened her deeply after the announcement. To put an end to the duck dance on her doorstep, she has now personally shared the first pictures. What a boss move!

Intimate Photos

The “Gossip Girl” actress Blake Lively recently posted a total of ten pictures on her Instagram account. On them she is usually without make-up, quite unglamorous and with a baby bump. And with good reason. She captioned her post: 'Here are photos of me pregnant and in real life so the 11 guys outside my door waiting for a unicorn sighting will leave me alone. You scare me and my kids.'

After Announcing her fourth pregnancy at the tenth 'Forbes Power Women's Summit' at Lincoln Center in New York, the demand for exclusive baby bump photos of the (soon-to-be) mother of four seems to be high. But not with Blake.

For the actress and her husband, everyday life as a paparazzi is normal, but when it comes to their children, they do not know how to joke.

protection of their children

The American native continued, 'Thanks to everyone else for the love and respect and for unfollowing accounts and publications that share photos of children. You have all power against them. And thanks to the media with a 'No Kids Policy'. You make the difference.” Strong words from the actress and mother.

This wasn't the first time she had to protect herself, and especially her children, from the dangers posed by some paparazzi. As early as July 2021, the mother of the three daughters James (7), Inez (5) and Betty (2) reported about one scary experience with a paparazzi , where her children were stalked.

Furthermore, Blake has often spoken out against children's photos on the Internet and for children's rights. In doing so, she is setting a good example. Because according to a study, not very many parents who use social media pay attention to their children protect against invisible dangers. (Result / cch)

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