For the love of their partners: THESE royals voluntarily gave up their titles


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  These royals gave up their titles for love.
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip and Prince Friso and his Mabel © picture alliance/ empics; picture alliance / dpa | Patrick van Katwijk

It is probably the greatest proof of love that a royal can give his partner: leave everything behind and start a whole new life. Princess Mako (31), for example, has dared to take this step. The Japanese woman is now called Mako Komuro after her marriage to a commoner and lives in the USA. But she's not the only one who left her royal family behind for love - other royals also chose love.

Japanese Imperial House

In Japan, female members of the imperial family lose their status when marrying a commoner, while male members are allowed to keep it. A fact that didn't stop Mako from to get engaged to her partner Kei Komuro in 2017. In addition to her titles, which she had to give up after marriage, she also renounced the usual rituals of a royal wedding and rejected the dowry - in her case the equivalent of 1.1 million euros - which royal women are actually entitled to when they leave the family.

Mako's decision, which was not supported by her father, Crown Prince Akishino, was generally met with controversy in Japan. Nevertheless, the couple went public in October 2021 amid strong protests finally the yes word. The former princess is said to have been since Volunteer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York where she is said to be a curator. Her husband is said to be practicing law in the Big Apple.

Reading tip: Mako's sister Kako is also said to love a commoner – is the drama repeated?

  Japan's Princess Mako has married
  Former princesses Ayako and Sayako with their husbands.
Former princesses Ayako and Sayako with their husbands. © AFP via Getty Images

Before Mako, her distant cousin Princess Ayako (32) left the Japanese imperial family to marry her fiancé, Kei Moriya. With the marriage, which took place in 2018, she also lost her titles and the right to continue living in the palace. Unlike Mako, the daughter of Princess Hisako and Prince Takamado († 47), who died in 2002, accepted the dowry of over one million euros.

With Princess Sayako (53), who is now called Sayako Kuroda, a female member left the Japanese imperial family in 2005. There is still no trace of her on official family photos.

Dutch royal family

  Dutch Prince Johan Friso (35) and his civil bride Mabel Wisse Smit (35) leave Delft's Oude Kerk (Old Church) through a trellis of palace guards after their church wedding on April 24, 2004. Friso, the second eldest son
Johan Friso marries Mabel Wisse Smit © picture-alliance / dpa, anp Utrecht

But it's not just in Japan that royals are leaving their titles behind for love - some people in Europe have already made the same decision. It was in the Netherlands for example Prinz Johan Friso († 44). In 2004, the son of Princess Beatrix and Prince Claus of the Netherlands got married the bourgeois Mabel Wisse Smit – and that despite the fact that it was accompanied by a nationwide scandal. Mabel is said to have previously dated Dutch drug lord Klaas Bruinsma. Friso himself didn't care about the past of his loved ones and so he even renounced the throne for her and has not been allowed to call himself 'Prince of the Netherlands' since then. Nonetheless, the royal went who died as a result of a serious skiing accident in 2013, not blank. Until his death he bore the title 'Prince of Orange-Nassau'.

British Royalty

The story of Prince Friso is indeed reminiscent of that of King Edward VIII, who also abdicated the throne to marry the love of his life. All attentive viewers of „The Crown“ will know that his decision is one of the biggest scandals of the British royal family. After only a few months on the throne, he abdicated in 1936 to marry American Wallis Simpson, with whom he remained until his death in May 1972. After that he was given the title 'Duke of Windsor'. Without his retirement, it might never have happened that his niece Queen Elizabeth II. a few years later ascended the British throne.

  The Queen got married 75 years ago: her great love story
The Queen and Prince Philip in 2015. © imago/Starface, SpotOn

Speaking of the Queen! She was actually the trigger for a love decision herself. And let it Prince Philip († 99) for her his previous life completely behind him - also the title 'Prince of Greece and Denmark'. For the love of his wife, he even converted to the Church of England and took British citizenship. A sacrifice that was difficult for him, but which also brought him a happy – and above all long – life as the “Duke of Edinburgh” with his Lilibet.

His title had to Prinz Harry (38) didn't give up, the 'Megxit' still had considerable consequences for him, like you here can read. (dga)

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