For this reason, Fiona Erdmann has to stop breastfeeding


Writed by - Andy Gocker
"Emotionale Tage": So geht es der Tochter von Fiona Erdmann
Fiona Erdmann had to go to the hospital with her two children. © imago/Future Image, SpotOn

Motherhood is seldom as perfect as in the textbook. Along with wonderful highs, some moms also experience challenges and pitch-black lows. Fiona Erdmann (34) has now suffered a setback when it comes to breastfeeding – and for a very special reason.

The health is the most important thing

Her words give an idea of ​​how difficult this step must have been for her: “This deep feeling and knowing that your own body feeds this little creature. It is and remains a miracle'. But for Fiona Erdmann stop breastfeeding now. Because of health problems, she had to stop her little daughter Neyla to feed with the breast.

The drug Motilium has been a blessing and a curse. A drug that is actually used to treat nausea, but at the same time stimulates milk production. An effect that was desired with Fiona , because as with her first child, son Leo (2), she initially had problems breastfeeding. Her lactation consultant therefore prescribed her the drug – and it worked! Fiona breastfed her daughter Neyla without any problems. But only for a certain time.

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 Fiona Erdmann: That's where her daughter's name comes from!

The pills could have damaged her & Neyla's heart

But luck didn't last long, she explains to her followers on Instagram: 'But when I found out that these pills could damage my heart and Neyla's heart, I stopped from one day to the next.'

Her happiness from breastfeeding lasted seven months. Now it's over. The bottle has detached her breast. But she looks back gratefully: 'I loved breastfeeding and would have liked to have continued.' But health comes first . (rbe)

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