'Forbidden Love' star Miriam Lahnstein: What is she actually doing today?


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Miriam Lahnstein played the role of Tanja von Lahnstein for 20 years"Verbotene Liebe"
Miriam Lahnstein played the role of Tanja von Lahnstein in 'Verbotene Liebe' for 20 years © TVNOW

Miriam Lahnstein (48) knows many from the ARD soap opera 'Verbotene Liebe' , where they did that for 20 years Serial beast Tanja von Lahnstein embodied. 2020 she celebrated in 'Forbidden Love - Next Generation' a comeback in the role. But what is the actress doing today? In an interview, Miriam Lahnstein now talks about her private life.

Face slapping at autograph sessions

in the Interview with the 'star' Miriam Lahnstein talks about hers legendary role of the scheming murderess Tanja von Lahnstein and her life after 'Forbidden Love'. From 1995 to 2015, the now 48-year-old appeared in the popular soap opera almost the entire life of the series, with a few interruptions. As the main antagonist in the series, eleven murders and a dozen other attempted murders were her fault. She is one of the nastiest villains on German television - and played her role almost too convincingly.

'Many viewers had problems distinguishing between fiction and reality,' she tells Stern. 'During an autograph session, I got a slap in the face from a woman.' The real Miriam is practically the exact opposite of the greedy and vengeful countess. “By the way, during the whole time I was rarely in a bad mood in private. I was able to let all that out about Tanja.”

Today Miriam helps children and young people

In addition to acting, Miriam Lahnstein studied psychology at Heinrich Heine University Dusseldorf and successfully completed his studies. Today the mother of two works as a child and youth psychotherapist in the NRW capital. Since she has her hands full - especially since Corona-Pandemics : “During the lockdowns, a lot of youngsters came along Ess - and obsessive compulsive disorder , Angst and depressions to us,” she reports in an interview, and makes a plea: “Some of them wait a year for you outpatient therapy place . There should be a lot more offers.”

In addition to working as a psychologist, the “Verbotene Liebe” star is still active on television. “It is deeply moving to see patients walk out healthier and happier after therapy. I also love being on the set and slipping into a different role.” She is still asked about her past with “Verbotene Liebe”. 'My patients don't know me, but some of their parents have grown up with me.'

Miriam Lahnstein made a comeback as Tanja in 'Forbidden Love - Next Generation' , a late 2020 revival of the cult soap opera. The ten episodes can be seen exclusively on RTL + in the stream .

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