Frauke and Nele Ludowig: Who has the better eye for fashion?


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  Frauke and Nele Ludowig: Who has the better eye for fashion?
Frauke Ludowig and her daughter Nele © Designer Outlet Soltau, SpotOn

Mother-daughter duo in conversation

Stylish double: Frauke Ludowig (58) and her daughter Nele (19) drew everyone's attention again on Friday. The mother-daughter duo celebrated the tenth anniversary of the Soltau Designer Outlet together. As part of the action weeks, the two treated themselves to an extensive shopping spree.

'We like to go shopping together,' explains the moderator in an interview. Her youngest daughter Nika is usually there too. 'The perfect shopping trip is when the kids choose something nice and stand next to me, beaming with joy, while I pull out my wallet at the checkout,' laughs the 58-year-old. And who has the better sense when it comes to fashion?

What does a typical mother-daughter shopping day look like for you?

Frauke: We like to go shopping together - Nika, Nele and I. The perfect shopping trip is when the kids choose something nice and stand next to me, beaming with joy, while I pull out my wallet at the checkout. Unfortunately there are only two of us today because Nika is at school. Otherwise she would certainly be there full of shopping enthusiasm and would discover the offers in the Designer Outlet Soltau together with us and browse through the collections and accessories of the various fashion and lifestyle brands.

Nele: That's right. Most of the time the three of us go into town with Mama's warning in mind: 'Today I won't buy you anything. Take your own card with you'. In the end, she pays for everything (laughs).

What is your favorite thing to shop for?

Nele: Definitely clothes - food and clothes.

Frauke: Ever since I had children, as a mother I actually always buy clothes for the two girls. I also really like to look for decorative and home accessories myself. A beautiful bowl, a cozy blanket, a great pillow - there are a lot of little things that go great in your home. After that, I'll keep an eye out here, too, in addition to clothes, of course.

Who has the better sense when it comes to fashion?

Frauke: Nika has a knack for fashion, design and style. Unfortunately I don't. In my case, my work has somewhat weaned me when it comes to that. Because I get a new outfit for the show every day, I don't have to put in much effort anymore. But Nele, on the other hand, has always felt like experimenting in the field of fashion.

Nele: Yes, totally. Unlike before, I now really like shopping for entire outfits. That way, you come home with a complete, cool look that you can always remember from there and wear again and again.

What is your favorite outfit in your closet right now?

Frauke: I'm even wearing one of my favorite outfits today. Especially when autumn is slowly coming, I just really like pattern mixes.

Nele: For me it's exactly the other way around. I really like buying simple things and basics that just go with everything. I love white sweaters, white t-shirts and plain pants. This completes the outfit for everyday life. Then a blazer over it - done! And I love boots, they are currently my absolute go-to.

Who are your fashion role models, what style do you admire?

Frauke: Personally, I don't have any real fashion role models. I love to learn cool things from a lot of women - or men. If I see something I like on the internet, I take a screenshot. On Instagram or wherever. Sometimes I rip pages out of a magazine, take them with me and take them to Tine, my stylist, and say: 'Come on, let's do some shopping!'

Nele: Well, I already have my one or two favorite influencers, where I see outfits and think: 'Wow, that's totally on point.' But I would also say that I get my inspiration from many places. On the road I often discover things that I like. At home, I tend to use Pinterest or Instagram to save individual looks and create folders. Kind of like a mood board.

Would you like to compete together in 'Shopping Queen' - what would be your dream motto?

Frauke: I've often received inquiries about this. But the timing never worked out. But yeah, it's a great show! I think it's great to compete myself, but I still love sitting on the sofa and watching the episodes on a Saturday afternoon.

Nele: I think I'm more of a person who loves to watch. Competing myself would probably be incredibly stressful. Because whenever I'm urgently looking for things and drive into town, I don't find anything at all. On 'Shopping Queen' if I was then sent out to find an outfit, I would panic. I prefer to take my time looking around without expecting to find my absolute favorite piece. A great motto for a shopping trip would actually be blazers, mom and I both love blazers.

Frauke: The best motto would be: 'Forever 21'!

Next year you will moderate a live show together for the first time with the finale of the 'Miss Germany' election. How does it feel when your daughter follows in your own footsteps?

Frauke: A great feeling. Because it simply reflects to me that the job is well received and I think that's incredibly important. I would find it rather sad if both children suddenly said that they found the job stupid. Nika doesn't yet know exactly which direction she wants to go in. Nele wants to immerse herself in journalism, shoot her own stuff. And it's also very important that they go their individual way and don't just want to become a moderator. I don't think the expression 'following in the footsteps' is really appropriate at this point. Everyone has to learn for themselves and decide where the path is going.

You will soon be starting your journalism studies in Cologne, will you still accompany your mother to events and take on moderation jobs?

Nele: Definitely, I wish that very much. And one doesn't exclude the other at all. I start my studies to discover and learn the theory, and I do the rest to fill all this with practical experience. It's exactly this combo that appeals to me - I'm really looking forward to it.

Could you imagine moderating 'Exclusive - the Star Magazine' yourself later?

Nele: I'm glad mom keeps doing it. I can't really answer that exactly. But I know that it's not just pure moderation. There is so much more to this...

Frauke: Yes, I think Nele is also very grown up. The job doesn't simply consist of moderating the show with a done hairstyle and a great outfit. My work starts in the morning and Nele knows that. There is a lot behind it, there is a lot to learn and to do. And that takes time and patience.

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