From long to short: Which dirndl suits me best?


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 From long to short: Which dirndl suits me best?
The traditional costume designer Kinga Mathe has some tips for dirndl ready. © PR/Kinga Mathe, SpotOn

That's what matters

A beautiful dirndl belongs to the Oktoberfest like a beer to a chicken. It's not just about the color and cut, but above all the length. Wrong choice and the perfect Wiesn outfit is gone.

The long dirndl

The most traditional Dirndl model has a skirt length of up to 100 centimetres. It reaches around the ankles and looks stunning, especially on tall women. But you won't find colorful dogs here. The long dirndl is classic and kept in muted colors. Patterns or crazy colors are out of place here.

Long dirndls are also very trendy this Oktoberfest season. A popular material is 'definitely velvet', as traditional costumes expert Kinga Mathe knows. For her autumn/winter collection, she uses striking colors such as strong berry tones, intensive blue and strong copper. While last season a high-necked blouse was in demand for a long dirndl, this year it has competition from a low-cut model with an Italian lace look.

The midi dirndl

The midi version is a real all-rounder and is one of the most popular cuts for the traditional dress. With a skirt length of 60 to 70 centimetres, the focus is on the legs and ankles. Therefore, the right choice of shoes is crucial for the perfect outfit. High heels give the skirt the necessary swing, if you like it more comfortable, you won't go wrong with ballerinas. A tip: The dirndl should never end at the stockiest point of the calf. This makes the calf appear thicker than it actually is.

The short dirndl

Less can be more, but it doesn't have to be. The short or mini dirndl is certainly the most daring dirndl, but it can also be a real hit. Classically, the skirt has a length of 50 centimeters and ends just above the knee. The mini dirndl is particularly advantageous for younger and smaller 'girls' because it makes them appear taller. It is important that the skirt is not too short and 'always covers your knees', recommends Kinga Mathe.

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