'Fuchs and Strohe deliver!': New duo alongside Henssler and Mälzer


Writed by - Andy Gocker
"Fuchs und Strohe liefern ab!": Neues Duo neben Henssler und Mälzer
Max Strohe and Viktoria Fuchs have to compete against each other in a VOX show. © RTL / Hendrik Lüders, SpotOn

Cooking show at VOX

Tim Mälzer (51) and Steffen Henssler (49) met last Sunday in 'Mälzer and Henssler deliver!' delivered another hot duel in their pop-up delivery service on the banks of the Alster. On September 11 (8:15 p.m. on VOX and via RTL+), a special from the cooking show is waiting for viewers. In the edition 'Fuchs und Strohe deliver!' Viktoria Fuchs (32) and Max Strohe (40) will cook for the honor.

Who are the two chefs?

Viktoria Fuchs comes from a family of restaurateurs who have owned Hotel Spielweg in the Black Forest since 1861. In 2015 she took over the business together with her sister. Fuchs completed an apprenticeship as a cook at the 'Hirschen' restaurant in Sulzburg and then worked at Le Canard in Hamburg, among other places. Fuchs has already been seen on TV as a duelist by Tim Mälzer in 'Kitchen Impossible'.

Max Strohe completed his apprenticeship at the Hotel-Restaurant Hohenzollern in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler. He has been working in Berlin since 2007 and opened the restaurant tulus lotrek in 2015. Two years later, the restaurant received its first Michelin star. On television, Strohe has been seen several times as Tim Mälzer's 'Kitchen Impossible' challenger and he has also worked as a guest judge on 'The Taste'.

'Fuchs and Strohe deliver!': That's what it's about

The concept remains the same: two experienced chefs only receive information about their customers, who they personally have to serve and convince of their skills. At the end of each round, the delicacies are rated with stars and the chef who has achieved the highest number of points emerges as the winner of the duel. Viktoria Fuchs and Max Strohe face the ultimate duel and are greeted by the hosts with a video message when they arrive at the delivery service.

The chefs have no idea that this time they will mainly have to deliver to outdoor locations in summery Hamburg. The first order comes from the crew of a Hamburg SUP club, for example. With the second order, there is a premiere in the pop-up delivery service: the three customers spontaneously decide to eat in the outdoor restaurant of the pop-up delivery service instead of being delivered. Five football players from the 'Hamburg Sea Devils' also surprise the two in the delivery service and order the entire day ticket up and down.

Orders follow from two dog sitter friends from a Hamburg allotment garden and a group of boys who have arranged to meet in the park. Fuchs and Strohe give everything behind the stove, after all, neither of them wants to lose. Because as punishment, the loser has to clean up the kitchen chaos while the other person is allowed to have a drink after work. In the end, however, everything turns out differently than expected.

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