Fuck the cancer! Tim Lobinger is planning a sports challenge for spring


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  Tim Lobinger continues to fight cancer.
Tim Lobinger continues to fight cancer. © imago/VISTAPRESS, SpotOn

Tim Lobinger (50) continues to fight cancer! Although now there is no chance of healing the former pole vaulter doesn't even think about giving up - on the contrary: he has set himself a very personal goal for spring...

Tim Lobinger continues to sport

In the fall, Tim Lobinger went public with an emotional health update. 'There will be no more healing for me,' he shocked his fans. Last year he would have spent a whopping 150 days in the clinic - an absolute horror for the former professional athlete. All the more he now uses the time he spends outside the hospital - and how he does it!

The 50-year-old already has big plans for spring. 'Goal for spring: Small battles with Martin Dorn again,' he reveals. In addition, he publishes a video in which you can see how the two fitness coaches deliver a stair race in bright sunshine.

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  Tim Lobinger and Martin Dorn are in a race.
Tim Lobinger and Martin Dorn are in a race. © Instagram/ timlobingerofficial

Tim Lobinger never thought about giving up - for him it was clear: he will fight to the bitter end! And thanks to his fighting spirit, the family man, who suffered from a severe form of for the first time in 2017 leukemia had been diagnosed witness the wedding of his daughter Fee. Even if it meant making a few compromises, like giving a speech, which he did shortly after he was released from the hospital was just too weak. 'But I probably would have just fallen over, needed an oxygen tent, or cried like one of those cartoon characters with gallons of tears pouring out of their eyes. I even had a little speech with me, but I couldn't have gotten two sentences out. I think I know relatively well where my limits are. That would have been emotionally too much for me,' he revealed in the 'Bunte' interview.

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  Tim Lobinger hopes for grandchildren

Nevertheless, he was there on the big day – because he set his mind to it! And that's probably how it will be with his Spring Challenges. Because Tim Lobinger is and remains a fighter! (dga)

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