Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II († 96): Two pieces of royal jewelry are buried with her


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Queen Elizabeth is buried with her personal jewellery
Queen Elizabeth is buried with her personal jewellery © Entertainment Press

Pomp and glamor were not her thing. The deceased felt most comfortable Queen Elizabeth († 96) in the great outdoors, with a wax jacket and headscarf, with her horses and dogs. This is now also reflected at her funeral. It is true that this takes place on September 19 with a great courtly ceremony in Westminster Abbey , but only two pieces of jewelery accompany the British Queen on her final journey.

Jewels with emotional value

Royal expert Lisa Levinson, communications director at the Natural Diamond Council, told Britain's Metro that it was 'unlikely' that the 'humble queen would be buried with anything other than her simple Welsh gold wedding ring and a pair of pearl earrings becomes'.

The Queen received her wedding ring from her parents in 1947 for the wedding Prince Philip (†2021) and thus established the tradition of making the royal family's wedding rings from Welsh gold. Pearl earrings were the late Queen's favorite piece of jewelry, often just alternating between two different pairs.

The Queen's extensive jewelery collection is said to include around 300 individual pieces, including 98 brooches, 46 necklaces, 34 pairs of earrings, 15 rings, 14 wristwatches and five pendants. How exactly this collection will be divided is currently unclear. According to media reports, the engagement ring that Prince Philip put on his great love's finger and that accompanied the Queen for more than 70 years Princess Anne (72) walk. Philip once designed the piece of jewelery himself. It used diamonds that previously adorned a tiara of the Prince's mother, Princess Alice of Battenberg.

Princess Kate wears Queen's jewelry

For the queen, her jewels were not just ornaments. Above all, she uses her brooches to send hidden messages . A tradition that is now by Princess Kate (40) is continued. She carried in the procession of the coffin at Westminster Hall a brooch once given to her by the queen. (what)

 That's what Duchess Kate's brooch stands for
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