Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II: HERE you can see her coffin for the last time


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  September 14, 2022, Great Britain, London: The Queen's pallbearer's Company, 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards, tragen den Sarg von Königin Elizabeth II. in die Westminster Hall im Palace of Westminster. Die Königin wird vier Tage lang in der Westminster Hall au
Queen Elizabeth II will be buried at Windsor Castle on September 19. © dpa, Oli Scarff, rac

Mourners in London are queuing for hours these days the recently deceased Queen Elizabeth II. to pay one's last respects. Her coffin has been laid out in Westminster Hall since Wednesday (September 14), and the lines in front of the building were several kilometers long. The doors only close on time on Monday morning for the funeral of the monarch . Here we reveal where the Queen's coffin can be seen for the last time before the burial in St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle.

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Mini Procession and Funeral Service at Westminster Abbey

  The route from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey.
The route from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey. © Buckingham Palast

More than a million people are said to have traveled to the English capital to bid one last farewell since the Queen's death on September 8, 2022. Granted, not everyone waiting will get the chance to bow in front of the Queen's coffin in Westminster Hall, the line is just too long for that. But there are still very last chances to see the coffin again before the burial.

On Monday (September 19) takes place the great state funeral of the record monarch instead of. The first mini-procession for this starts at 10:44 a.m. local time (11:44 a.m. German time) from Westminster Hall. The coffin is carried from Government House to Westminster Abbey across the street. Eight minutes are estimated for this way. Even if the streets around Parliament Square are likely to be cordoned off for this, waiting fans get the brief opportunity to take a look at the coffin.

While the first funeral service is being held in Westminster Abbey in the presence of government officials, heads of state, the royal family and other companions, everything is being prepared outside for the second big procession.

Great procession through London

  The coffin is carried from Westminster Abbey to Wellington Arch in the procession.
The coffin is carried from Westminster Abbey to Wellington Arch in the procession. © Buckingham Palace

After the end of the service, which is scheduled for around 12pm local time (1pm German time), the political and royal guests will be escorted to a reception by Foreign Secretary James Cleverly at nearby Church House in Westminster.

reading tip : These high-profile guests are expected at the Queen's funeral

When the Queen's coffin has been carried out of Westminster Abbey and positioned on the carriage, the grand procession begins through London, accompanied by members of the Royal Family and military troops.

The procession travels down Parliament Street and Whitehall, across Horse Guards Parade Ground, past the Guards Memorial and the National Police Memorial and up the Mall towards Buckingham Palace. From there it circles around the Victoria Memorial on Constitution Hill south of Green Park to Wellington Arch.

All viewpoints and roads on this route are likely to be lined with people. So you will probably only get a good view of the parade if you queue up early enough. Up to a million mourners are expected in London.

Move to Windsor Castle and third procession

  This route is walked at Windsor in the procession.
This route is walked at Windsor in the procession. © Buckingham Palast

While the Royal Family is driven by car from Wellington Arch directly to St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle, the coffin stops in front of the former Queen's residence. The exact route to get there is as follows:

From Wellingten Arch we head west along the southern edge of Hyde Park. After the hearse has passed Queen's Gate, it drives down Cromwell Road. Then onto Talgarth Road via Hammersmith Flyover, Great West Road and Great South West. He then drives via the A30 and A308 to Shaw Farm Gate outside of Windsor Castle. On this long route you will only be able to see the coffin as you drive past, no intermediate stops are planned. It is the Queen's last major drive.

At Shaw Farm Gate, the coffin is received by the third procession, which proceeds along Albert Road and the Long Walk through the castle courtyard to St George's Chapel. The royal family will not accompany this procession. And the public will no longer be able to view at least the last part of the way. From the Turret House, the procession runs on the royal private grounds of Windsor Castle. On the Long Walk, grieving fans will have the last chance to see the coffin live before the Queen is buried in the family vault at St George's Chapel.

All further information about the funeral can be found here. (cch)

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