Geissens daughters Davina and Shania: That's why they have NO boyfriend


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 That's why the millionaire's daughters are still single!
Geissens daughters: Davina and Shania © . © RTLZWEI / Severin Schweiger

Shania (18) and Davina Geiss (19) are among the best-known celebrity daughters in Germany. No wonder many are wondering why the pretty sisters are still single. mummy Carmen Geiss (57) now reveals the reasons.

That's why Davina and Shania go through life alone

The older Geissens daughter Davina previously had a partner in her life, but she separated from him more than four years ago. Since the separation of British rapper Leondre Devries (22), there have been many rumors of love about the 19-year-old. Her younger sister Shania has not yet been seen with a man by her side.

In the new episode of 'The Geissens - A terribly glamorous family' the millionaire family is on holiday in the British capital. On her tour of royal London, Carmen Geiss now explains why her daughters are still looking for Mr. Right. 'Because he hasn't crossed your path yet,' was the clear answer from the millionaire's wife. Very different from the former Miss Fitness herself. She met and loved her Robert (58) at the age of 16.

In the video: This is how Shania and Davina Geiss earn their money

 This is how Shania and Davina Geiss earn their money

Other plans than love

In any case, the two daughters have completely different plans than looking for great love. You are looking for your own apartment in London. 'They want an apartment here so they can party here,' says Papa Robert. And who knows, maybe they'll meet their Mr. Right there too.

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