George Clooney is the 'Sexiest Grey'


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 George Clooney is the one"Sexiest Grey"
George Clooney has worn his gray hair with pride for many years. © imago/Cover-Images, SpotOn

No grey-haired man is hotter

Nobody on this planet with gray hair is hotter than George Clooney (61). According to a British survey by the recognized institute 'Perspectus Global', the Hollywood actor is the 'Sexiest Grey'. According to the Daily Mail, he beat his colleagues Idris Elba (50) in second place and Helen Mirren (77) in third place. Actress Jamie-Lee Curtis (64) just missed the podium.

Other candidates on the list included Richard Gere (73), Salma Hayek (56), Tom Hanks (66), Barack Obama (61) and Sarah Jessica Parker (57). The study also asked whether the British generally found gray hair attractive. At least a third of all respondents over the age of 40 said they prefer gray hair to a colored head. At least 20 percent of the survey participants think that gray hair looks mature and sophisticated.

George Clooney doesn't want to dye his hair

Clooney has been wearing his prime year in his now-natural color gray for many years. In an interview with E! News, the actor once said that he would never touch dye and wanted to age gracefully: 'I don't think it would make much sense, to be honest...' He is the Opinion that dyed hair, especially in men, made them look even older.

By the way: In 1997 and 2006 George Clooney was awarded the title 'Sexiest Man Alive'. And even then, his hair was anything but pitch black like when he started out as an actor. In 2006 in particular, Clooney's hair was already largely gray. But almost ten years earlier, in 1997, the temples of the Hollywood star were already clearly mottled gray at the tender age of 36.

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