George Michael: Controversy over supposedly planned biopic


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 George Michael: Controversy over supposedly planned biopic
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statement from the family

A report by the 'Daily Mail' on an allegedly large-scale biopic about the life and career of Wham! star George Michael (1963-2016) causes trouble. The project is in progress, it said, and 'The White Lotus' actor Theo James (38) is considered the favorite for the leading role in the film. According to the report, the project will be supported by George Michael's estate 'following the success of Queen's Elton John and Freddie Mercury biopics'.

George Michael's relatives have now made a statement, according to The Guardian. They deny any involvement in the project. The statement is therefore aimed at all fans and lovers of Michael's music. It said 'on behalf of George's family' and wanted George Michael Entertainment to clarify 'there is absolutely no truth to this story, we know nothing about this project and will not support it in any way'.

Theo James himself is said to have previously alluded to his potential casting during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. The actor said he would 'love to' play George Michael, according to the report. 'He's an icon,' he said, 'and he's a little bit Greek and I'm a little bit Greek.'

Not the first rumor about the film

The rumors in the 'Mail' were not the first about a biopic of George Michael. In 2021, The Sun reported that Michael's family was interested in 'moving forward with a film,' but it had been shelved due to disagreements.

A documentary about the singer, Freedom: George Michael, was released in 2017. It includes Naomi Campbell (52), Elton John (75) and Liam Gallagher (50). With more than 100 million records sold and numerous awards, George Michael is one of the most successful singers ever. The British musician celebrated numerous successes, especially in the 80s and 90s. He died of heart failure on December 25, 2016.

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