Georgina Fleur: Do you one-year-old play alone and unsupervised in the sea?


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Georgina Fleur with her little daughter.
Georgina Fleur with her little daughter. © Instagram/

The one living in Dubai Reality TV Starlet Georgina Fleur (32) is having a good time with her little daughter on the beach. The redhead likes to share her life in the expensive metropolis with her almost 400,000 followers on Instagram. However, a video of a visit to the beach backfired.

Carelessness for an Instagram post?

The video shows Georgina positioning her cell phone camera on the beach, only to walk away in an ultra-tight bikini and arms outstretched her little daughter to run, who meanwhile is alone in the sea - several meters away. At the end of the video the 32-year-old lifts her child in the air , the contribution is musically deposited with the 90s hit 'I Love You Always Forever'.

While the reality TV notoriety must have meant well, the post with the words 'Beach Baby' caused a controversy among Georgina's followers. The comments say something like: “Sorry, but child without swimming sleeves or co. leave it in the water just for a video is not an option, you put up with the death of your child for a ridiculous video!” or “You leave your child alone in the water”. But positive voices also speak up: 'Nice shot of you two' and 'Great video, you're a great mom' can also be read.

Georgina defends herself

Mama Georgina doesn't let the negative comments sit on her. With the words: 'It was low tide, the water wasn't even ankle-high, you could walk out three kilometers,' defends the reality TV star. But even this explanation could not calm the negative voices: “Three centimeters are enough, you learn everything. You should find out more about it, ”says your critics.

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