Georgina Fleur in a mom interview: I only regret one thing!


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Georgina Fleur: I only regret one thing!

by Eva Rullmann and Jacqueline Vetten

For years she was indispensable as a participant in reality shows and liked to cause scandals. A year and a half ago, however, the life of Georgina Flower (32) completely turned upside down - because she became a mother . Instead of wild parties and long nights, it's now time to breastfeed and change diapers. A life she always wanted. She now lives with her daughter in Dubai - and that's where we met her for the first interview with her baby. How much she has changed being a mom can be seen impressively in the video.

Georgina Fleur: 'I want to protect my daughter's privacy'

The reality star has become a real thoroughbred mom. 'Well, it's actually just as perfect as I have it at the moment, and I just love sharing everything I used to do alone with my daughter,' reveals Georgina beaming in the interview. Her daughter has made her calmer and less impulsive.

The influencer has been living in Dubai since 2020, because her daughter can grow up there away from the public eye. 'I really thought about it, when a baby like that comes into the world, then of course you want to scream your luck and share your face and name with the whole world. But then I said, 'No, I'm sensible'. I want to protect my daughter's privacy.'

Before men: Georgina puts her daughter first

From the father of the child , her ex Kubilay Ozdemir (42), she is now separated. After years of an on-off relationship, which was characterized by arguments and alleged violence . A new partner is not yet in sight.

Especially because her priorities have changed: 'The new partner has to accept the little one one hundred percent. And it could be that he's really a bit jealous. Because my daughter is the most important thing to me.'

And even if life as a single mother is not always easy for Georgina, she always knows who to turn to for advice : 'Quite often, when I have any problems, I simply send them to my community. There are a lot of mothers who simply give me the best tips and tricks. From their experiences.'

There is only one thing that the 32-year-old regrets: that she did not become a mother earlier.

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