'Germany's next top model' 2023: These candidates were handpicked by Heidi Klum


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  'Germany's next Topmodel" 2023: Das sind Heidi Klums Kandidatinnen
'Germany's next top model': 29 candidates want to convince Heidi Klum. © ProSieben/Richard Hübner, SpotOn

The 18. Staffel 'Germany's next Topmodel' starts on February 16, 2023 on ProSieben. The 29 candidates of the casting show from Heidi Klum (49) are already fixed. We took a closer look at Heidi's little girl. Three of them were hand-picked by the head of the jury, so to speak.

Candidate Ana is in a relationship with a true pop star

Anyone who was looking forward to older models again this year will be disappointed. Instead of best agers, there are 2023 curvy models, a tattoo and piercing fan and the girlfriend of a pop star. The 23 year old Ida from Cologne is a real talent for languages ​​- she speaks five languages ​​fluently.
Well is 22 years old, comes from Heide and is in a relationship with a pop star. While working for a music label, she met and fell in love with British singer-songwriter Tom Gregory (27). 'I am loyal and courteous to my fellow human beings and am always open to everything,' the 22-year-old describes herself.
The 19 year old Emilia from Kelkheim im Taunus, on the other hand, impresses with her height. At 1.94 meters, she is hard to miss. She wants to encourage other great women 'never to doubt themselves and their dreams just because they don't conform to the 'norm',' she explains to the broadcaster.

Ida, Ana and Emilia were 'personally selected for the 18th season of 'Germany's Next Top Model' by Heidi Klum and invited to Los Angeles,' it says.

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piercings and curves

Also Elisabeth (21) from Munich is trying her luck. You probably already know the show a little better. Because the 21-year-old graduated from high school together with second-placed Luca from last season. The 19 year old Lara from Aschbach stands out mainly because of her tattoos and piercings. She loves dying her hair, making changes and 'everything with adrenaline'.

Cassie (23) from Hamburg presents himself confidently: 'I'm born to be a star! All my life I've been waiting for someone to finally give me the stage I deserve. Now the time has finally come.' In addition to dancing, I like to do shootings, do sports, do a lot with my boyfriend and I'm with my mum in Denmark by the sea, the 23-year-old reveals about herself. Curvy models are also represented again this year. like that Vivian (22) from Koblenz Women show that clothing size doesn't matter. 'Whether curvy or skinny, small or large, young or old: every woman is special in her own way,' she clarified in an interview with the broadcaster.
Also Melina (18) from Linz wants to showcase her curves. One thing in particular occupies the 18-year-old: ''Curvy' and 'Petit' should be integrated into the normal collections and no longer be separate categories. I want to work for that.'

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  Heidi Klums krasseste Frisur-Experience

Naomi Campbell as a role model

Olivia (22) from Hamburg wants women 'who look like me to show that there isn't just one version of pretty'. The 22-year-old spent her early years in an asylum home. Her mother is the most important person in her life: 'I'm only where I am right now because my mother gave up so much.' Somajia (21) from Bielefeld would like to secure 'a place next to Naomi Campbell'. Her parents are both from Togo. 'I will do everything in my power to bring this title home with me. Not just for me, but for my entire family and community.'

These candidates are also trying their luck

These are the rest of the model contenders competing against each other this year. From Bavaria: Alina (21), Leona (21), Coco (20) and Eliz (21). From Baden-Württemberg: Zoey (26). From Berlin: Anya (19), Mirella (20), Selma (18). From Lower Saxony: Sarah (20). From North Rhine-Westphalia: Nina (22), Jülide (23), Ida (23), Tracy (25), Melissa (19), Anna-Maria (24). Rhineland-Palatinate: Juliette (20). Saxony: Slata (19). Saxony-Anhalt: Indira (20). Schleswig-Holstein: Katja (20). Austria: Elsa (18).

  GNTM winner Lou-Anne & Mama Martina unpack

Modelvilla wieder in LA

Season 18 begins on February 16, 2023 at prime time. The other episodes will then also be shown on ProSieben (and Joyn) on Thursdays at 8:15 p.m. The broadcaster had already announced in November that the young models were going to Los Angeles. In May 2022 had itself Lou-Anne Gleißenebner-Teskey (19) were able to assert themselves against their competitors and snatched the title in the 17th season. (spot on news/abl)

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