Girlfriend Yvonne Woelke speculates: is that why Djamila Rowe can't find a man?


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  How's Djamila's man search going?

Day 12 in the jungle: Djamila Rowe's tears roll down on the way to the jungle exam. But not because she's afraid the challenge might be 'not age appropriate.' The 55-year-old is particularly afraid of loneliness at home. Djamila would also like to rave about her love at home like Cosimo, in whom she confides. However, Cosimo's attempt to 'sell' Djamila to the next best ranger is rather counterproductive. Why doesn't it just work for Djamila and the men? Djamila's friend Yvonne Woelke suspects that 'many are afraid of her'. In the video she reveals why Djamila's loneliness could soon come to an end.

Could it be Djamila Rowe's looks?

A strong shoulder to lean on, that's what Djamila wants so much! And maybe that's why she's not in such a hurry to get home as they are freshly selected Jana or Tessa, who was just happy to be able to leave the camp . Why can't Djamila find her prince charming? Her friend Yvonne Woelke suggests what could be the reason.

'I think a lot of men are scared of her because she might appear with a little bit thicker lips than usual.'

Yvonne only finds external things that don't matter and reminds of Djamila's inner qualities: 'She is loving, warm-hearted, you can laugh with her, joke with her, and talk to her about serious topics. So I think she's a perfect person,' Yvonne enthuses. In any case, Djamila seems to have a good friend in Yvonne.

  Micaela Schäfer and Yvonne Woelke
Yvonne Woelke and Micaela Schäfer have been good friends for years. Both know Djamila well. © IMAGO

Ex-jungle camper Micaela Schäfer: 'Djamila is a good soul'

The former jungle camper Micaela Schäfer also has only good things to say about Djamila Rowe: 'I know that Djamila is just a good soul.'

And even in the jungle camp, Djamila has a loyal fan at her side in Cosimo Citiolo. 'You really are a great woman. Stay the way you are.” Let's hope Cosimo's flame doesn't get as jealous of so many compliments as she does Iris Klein, who suspects her husband Peter of having something to do with Djamila's companion Yvonne.

You can see how Cosimo Djamila - in, well, English - tries to set up a date with one of the rangers in the video. Splendid!

  Cosimo makes a date for Djamila Rowe

How things will continue for Yvonne Woelke and Djamila Rowe...

Meanwhile, at the Hotel Versace, Yvonne Woelke simply hopes that Djamila will soon have better luck in love. Maybe even more than Yvonne herself, she just has a bit of stress with her husband because of all the cheating rumors about her and Peter Klein . And Djamila might stay a little longer in the camp if she feels so safe there. Because who knows - maybe the men would lie at her feet as the jungle queen...

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