Golden Globes 2023: mega stars are hiding – for fear of a new scandal?


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Of the"Party des Jahres" ist nicht viel geblieben

by Frank Fastner and Julia Moeller

Two weird years lie behind the Golden Globes - due to the pandemic and the scandal. In 2022, the otherwise big glamor party was even canceled completely! The Globes used to be called the 'Party of the Year' - today it looks different, as was shown in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday (January 10th). RTL experienced the bizarre atmosphere up close – you can see the impressions in the video above.

The Globes are back! But different...

 Jennifer Coolidge
The joy about the award has remained unchanged! Here 'White Lotus' star Jennifer Coolidge celebrates her trophy. © IMAGO/UPI Photo, IMAGO/JIM RUYMEN,

They are considered the most important film awards in the USA after the Oscars. And yet the big stars apparently wanted to hide when they attended the event this year - if they came at all. Cate Blanchett (53) was honored as 'Best Leading Actress - Drama' but was not present. Allegedly due to filming. Brendan Fraser (54), who was considered a big favorite in the leading role, also stayed away - but didn't win either.

We discover Brad Pitt (59) at the gala and also superstar Rihanna (34). Only on the carpet, where they would have had to face the press and where critical questions might have been asked – they didn't show up there. They skipped it. The Golden Globe Awards were canceled last year after criticism that they lacked diversity and inclusion. Tom Cruise (60) has returned all of his prizes in protest !

Heidi Klum (49), Margot Robbie (32), Hilary Swank (48) or Andrew Garfield (39) have ventured onto the carpet. But didn't really say anything either. Everything was just different. The comeback may have been successful for the Golden Globe Awards - but one can no longer speak of the 'Party of the Year'. (vne)

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