Goodbye blonde! Anna Heiser is now brunette


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Anna Heiser has had enough of baby gossip
Anna Heiser doesn't look like that anymore © anna_m._heiser/Instagram

Gerald Heiser (37) has his Anna (32) met and fell in love with blonde hair five years ago at 'Bauer sucht Frau'. That's enough of that! The Polish native has undergone a type change and now has brunette hair — and for good reason.

Anna Heiser: 'I needed a change'

Visibly happy, Anna beams into the camera. Sitting on the floor in dungarees and a striped shirt, she shows off her new hair color and cut. The emigrant now has a brown, shorter mane with a fringe. 'Blonde turns brown. I needed a change,' she captioned the photo.

The change that the 32-year-old is talking about has something to do with it her upcoming second baby to do, as she reveals: “In this pregnancy, the pregnancy glow passed me by. In addition to impure skin, there is also hair loss.” But not only her offspring contribute to the change in type. Because she goes on to explain: “Of course, years of bleaching have also left their mark. That's why I decided to go back to my natural hair color.'

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The new look is definitely something to be proud of – that's what her fans think too, and they shower her with praise and encouragement. Only Anna still has a bit to nibble on. She reveals: 'Even though I know myself with dark hair, looking in the mirror is still weird. But that'll be fine! I am also happy to accept the loss of hair for our baby.” (rsc)

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