'Goodbye Germany' star Caro Robens: Huge eyelashes and XXL décolleté


Writed by - Andy Gocker
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Caro Robens is once again causing a lot of conversation with her latest Instagram snapshot. © RTL

Blonde sidecut, countless tattoos and lots of muscles – her look is amazing Caro Roberts (43) definitely up. Now a new snapshot of the 'Goodbye Germany' emigrant is once again causing a lot of conversation.

Caro Robens is repeatedly attacked online

Caro Robens is one of the most popular emigrants on German television. She has been in the public eye for years. But that also has its downsides. The bodybuilder receives many comments, especially for her extreme appearance. Now she is posting a new photo, but with the snapshot she is splitting her fans – because she is wearing XXL eyelashes.

Caro Robens has to take bad comments

'Caroline, I really don't want to blaspheme, but the eyelashes are really a disaster and you don't like that at all,' writes one user. “Why do the false eyelashes have to be so horribly unnaturally long? Sometimes less is more!” complains another.

But not only the XXL eyelashes caused a stir. Caro is wearing a tight top with an XXL décolleté . That is exactly what is a thorn in the side of some: 'I think the photo is very terrible,' says one user. 'Is the top also available in your size?' asks another sarcastically.

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But beauty is known to be in the eye of the beholder. The main thing is that Caro Robens is comfortable and she seems to be! In the photo, she smiles and looks into the camera, enjoying the sunny weather. (cba)

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