Grace Kelly died 40 years ago: the palace keeps the legend alive


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  Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly died exactly 40 years ago after a tragic car accident in Monaco. © action press, ActionPress

Died on September 14, 1982 Furstin Grace Patricia von Monaco (1929-1982) from the consequences of a car accident. 40 years later, the palace commemorates the wife of Prince Rainier III. (1923-2005) and mother of Prince Albert II (64). In memory of the popular and legendary mother of the country, the Princely House published archive photos on social media from the life of Grace Kelly .

She was only 52 years old

Gracia Patricia can be seen in her wedding dress, among other things. Also from 1956 is a photo showing the former actress visiting a hospital.

Other pictures show the princess laying the foundation stone for a day-care center or handing out Easter presents. There are also portraits from different years and pictures together with her husband and three children. They emphasize the facets of the icon: on the one hand the country mother of the Monegasques, on the other the loving mother of three children.

Reading tip: Grace's daughter Stéphanie is shown here with her three adult children , the grandsons of the late princess.

A number of followers of the Princely House post heart and candle emojis under the photo series. 'Immortal', it says, or 'unforgettable'. A Monegasque summed up the feeling in Monaco: “She was as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside. She was a fabulous woman, a wonderful princess who represented us so well.”

Tragic accident 40 years ago

The Hollywood star and Prince Rainier III. married on April 19, 1956. The couple had children Caroline (65), Albert (64) and Stephanie (57). Two months before her 53rd birthday, the princess died in a tragic car accident. Gracia Patricia and her then 17-year-old daughter Princess Stéphanie were on their way home from their summer residence Roc Agel above Monaco on September 13, 1982, when the Princess' car went off the road on the winding Route de La Turbie for reasons that are not fully clarified came off. The two women fell 40 meters down a cliff.

The princess was able to free herself with severe cervical injuries and a concussion. The Princess was taken to the 'Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace'. On the evening of September 14, Gracia Patricia died as a result of the accident. Four days later, on September 18, the Princess was buried in the presence of around 800 mourners in the Cathedral of Notre- Dame Immaculée buried in Monaco.

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