Gülcan Kamps is worried about her baby because it is twitching its arms and legs


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  Gülcan Kamps has had a sleepless night because of Baby Kamps. Coffee is to blame for this.
Gülcan Kamps has had a sleepless night because of Baby Kamps. Coffee is to blame for this. © Instagram/guelcankamps

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Exhausted turns Gulcan Kamps via Instagram story to their community. A sleepless night lies behind her. Because: The Ex-Viva presenter worried about her child (nine months) , which has been twitching all night. The 39-year-old didn't close an eye either.

Has Caffeinated Coffee Caused Baby Kamps Twitches?

'My child didn't sleep at all. When he fell asleep, he was shaking his arms and legs very badly. It went on all evening into the night,' she tells her followers. 'My sweetheart usually falls asleep around ten. I was wondering what's going on that makes my little mouse move so jerkily.'

The moderator already has a guess. 'I've found the problem now. We went to a restaurant at lunchtime, where I ordered a decaffeinated coffee because I'm still breastfeeding. And there was still normal coffee on the table, a cappuccino, that's a relatively strong coffee,' says Gülcan. She became suspicious when the two coffees looked exactly the same - without a sign of identification for the decaffeinated version, as is often the case in cafés. She asked several times whether her coffee was really decaffeinated.

dr Christoph Specht: 'It's definitely possible'

'I drank my coffee and thought, but it tastes pretty good for a decaffeinated, totally delicious, like a real coffee,' remembers the thoroughbred mom. It was then clear to her: It must have been a caffeinated drink that she was drinking. 'This is my explanation for my little mouse not being able to sleep until 1 a.m. From 2:30 a.m. I couldn’t sleep at all and was up all night.”

But can that really be? RTL asked general practitioner and medical journalist Dr. Christoph Specht asked. He explains: “It's entirely possible. The point is that the caffeine in the baby has to be broken down first and that doesn't work as well as in adults.” This is due to an enzyme in the liver that plays a role in many breakdown processes.

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Two to three cups of coffee are okay

“There are fluctuations in activity. After birth, the enzyme drops sharply in the baby and then rises again and fluctuates into adulthood,' says Dr. Woodpecker. 'It may be that at this stage the child's enzyme was busy with something else and the caffeine breakdown wasn't working as it normally would, and that's what caused this restlessness.'

'Real' coffee while breastfeeding is still okay. 'You don't have to be decaf, but reducing is better. It is commonly said that two to three cups a day is fine. But that can be different in individual cases, ”the doctor knows.

Whether coffee, baby or weather - Gülcan's message is likely to pick up many fellow sufferers in her community: 'To all mommies who haven't slept well, you're not alone!' Says mom solidarity from her and encourages other mothers.

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