Hailey Bieber: The Truth About Her, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez


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  Hailey Bieber: The Truth About Her, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
Hailey Bieber clears up rumors about her. © Fred Duval/Shutterstock, SpotOn

She talks about it for the first time

For years, Hailey Bieber (25) has had to deal with the accusation that she ripped Justin Bieber (28) from his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez (30). In the new podcast episode of 'Call Her Daddy', the model now speaks publicly about the topic for the first time.

In the conversation published on Wednesday, moderator Alexandra Cooper (28) asked her directly whether she had ever been romantically involved with Justin Bieber when he was still taken. Bieber, who has never commented on this publicly, clearly rejects the accusation. 'Once we started making out or anything like that, he was never in a relationship, at any point. I would never... It's not my way to get involved in a relationship. I would never do that. I would better brought up.'

'Perception is a difficult subject'

Despite this, Bieber also shows understanding for the rumors that their relationship has caused. 'Perception is a difficult subject because when you look at something from the outside, you can see it in a way that doesn't correspond to what happens behind closed doors.'

Bieber and Selena Gomez were in a never-ending on-off relationship from 2010 to March 2018, while both have had other relationships in between. Hailey and Justin have been friends since around 2015 - and also dated between Bieber's Selena phases. Just a month after getting back together in June 2018, the model and singer announced their engagement. By September of the same year they were already living together and married.

Door closed between Bieber and Gomez for good

Speaking of the confusing timeline of their relationship, Hailey Bieber said: 'I understand what it's like from the outside and that there are a lot of angles. But I know closing that door was the right thing for them [both of them] to do.' Bieber is also certain that this door is really closed despite the decades together. 'I just know what happened when we got back together and I know what had to happen for us to get together in a healthy way,' said the 25-year-old. 'As a woman, I would never want to be in a relationship, engaged and married to someone who makes me wonder if that [the previous relationship] is really over for them.'

Hailey also reports how much the hate comments on the Internet made life difficult for her. Even today, she would be afraid to comment on it and 'raise dust again.' It's also hurtful for Justin Bieber, who says, 'If we can move forward [with our lives], why can't you?'

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