Hand in hand on the Queen's coffin: How Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan give each other strength


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan hold hands

They are a unit, a loving couple, a family – Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan demonstrated that even in their hardest hours together. At the funeral service for Queen Elizabeth II. in Westminster Hall, they guarded the laid-out coffin side by side with the rest of the royals. And while the new King Charles III and seine Queen Consort Camilla and all other couples kept a royal distance from each other, Harry and Meghan showed tenderness. They left the location as the only ones hand in hand.

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Are the tenderness against the royal protocol?

Whenever Harry and Meghan appear in public, their hands are clasped together - the couple are very fond of touch, especially since they left royalty and immigrated to California. But isn't so much caressing at public appointments tactless?

First off, it's important to note that Harry and Meghan have fallen in rank since stepping away from royal duties. De facto, the two are no longer active members of the royal family, so the same rules do not apply to them, for example Harry's brother Prince William and his wife Princess Kate have to follow. It is a duty of royalty to maintain professionalism and not to get too emotional - especially in public and on royal engagements.

Because Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan no longer attend official royal appointments anyway, these rules are almost obsolete for them. The reason they performed at the funeral procession among the other royals is solely because they are part of the Mountbatten-Windsor family. Although Harry is no longer a royal in service, he is still the grandson of the late Queen and the son of the reigning King.

Body language expert analyzes Harry and Meghan's tenderness

Inbaal Honigman, astrologer and body language expert, once took a close look at Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's holding hands for the 'Express'. For him, the tenderness is not a show, but an expression of real support: 'They haven't been married that many years and are still having babies, which is a very loving phase of a relationship,' he points out and continues: 'Your constant So holding hands, cuddling, leaning are all signs of affection that are definitely real and not for the cameras.”
Even if everything doesn't always go smoothly in their relationship, Harry and Meghan are also from an astrological point of view (their zodiac sign is Leo, his Virgo) always interested in making their marriage as loving as possible, fighting for themselves and standing up and giving each other strength .

Harry and Meghan give each other strength

And the two of them should use their strength more than ever in the current situation.

After all, not only do they both mourn the former head of the monarchy and Harry's grandmother, but they are also in London with the knowledge that the rest of the royals no longer particularly respect and appreciate them. With their holding hands, they symbolize a unit that is true to itself, come what may. (cch)

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