Harald Glööckler cancels all appointments after unbelievable pain


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Harald Gloöckler
Many are worried about the extravagant designer Harald Glööckler. © german press agency

Much has been said about the health of Harald Gloöckler (57) rumored. Just over two months ago he spoke about his incurable illness . But last weekend, the designer suffered pain again, 'like someone had stuck a knife in.' He had never felt anything like this before...

Fans worried about Harald

'I've never had such pain,' the 57-year-old reported to the German press agency dpa on Monday (September 12). At the weekend he even had to give his beloved dog Billy King away to the dog sitter, “because I can neither go out with him nor can I even think straight.” He said he “walked in circles” at night in pain.

These are now forcing the busy designer to cancel all appointments and seek medical treatment. At the weekend he had already gone to the emergency room because he could hardly stand the pain. 'I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my neck,' says Harald in an interview. 'Two nerve roots are pinched.' That sounds incredibly painful. On Instagram, his followers wish him a 'get well soon'.

In the video: Harald Glööckler talks about an incurable disease

 Harald Glööckler about his horror disease

Harald has to put up with a lot

Harald has been suffering from 'fibromyalgia' for six years a chronic pain disease, which is also referred to as an 'invisible disease'. , which makes everyday life difficult for him. The 57-year-old has also had to go through a lot mentally recently. In August he mourned the loss of an animal family member . Now there's the herniated disc. Not an easy time for the fashion czar. He had already received injections and had been put on painkillers.

“I could hardly endure the MRI because of the pain. But now we have the findings and can tackle it,” said Harald confidently. (vne)

Reading & video tip : Before his slipped disc, Harald was on a pompous vacation on Usedom .

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