Harald Glööckler slimmed down! That's how he lost weight


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  That's how he lost his pounds

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  • Harald Glööckler is proud of his body
  • Evelyn Burdecki broke her toe
  • Model Marie Nasemann admits: She ticks differently than she says
  • Cathy Hummel's life hack: designer bag becomes a spare bikini

January 19: This is how Harald Glööckler got rid of his kilos

  December 4th, 2022 Vienna, Harald GLÖÖCKLER, in front of Schönbrunn Palace, awarding of the" Kaiserlich Österreichischen Franz Joseph Ordens " an Harald Glööckler - Ankunft in Schönbrunn und Verleihung in der Schlosskapelle Schönbrunn zu Wien - 20221204_PD12904
Harald Glööckler was awarded the Imperial Austrian Franz Joseph Order © action press, ActionPress, cq

He is beaming with the models at the Fashion Week in Berlin: fashion designer Harald Gloöckler (61). In December he was knighted in Austria and received the 'Imperial Austrian Franz Joseph Order' for his commitment to groups on the fringes of society. But that's not the only thing he's happy about. He is also visibly proud of his body. In the RTL interview at Fashion Week, he was asked about his weight and a smile flitted across his face. Since his Participation in the 'jungle camp' last year a few pounds dropped and also reveals how: “Eat less, do sport. But I've had a herniated disc for four months, really bad and I couldn't do any sport. And I still stuck to it, so you have to keep at it.” Sounds very simple for him.

January 18: Ouch! Evelyn Burdecki has a broken toe

  Broken toe: Evelyn Burdecki shows the x-ray on Instagram.
Broken toe: Evelyn Burdecki shows the x-ray on Instagram. © evelyn_burdecki / Instagram

Evelyn Burdecki already suspected it: Her toe, which has been sore for a long time, is not only bruised or sprained, it has 'completely broken through'. The 34-year-old was at the doctor's and the X-ray is clear.

For Evelyn it is her very first break. But she was pretty brave. 'I just heard from the doctor, I'm a tough mouse, I walked around with such a broken toe all the time,' reports Evelyn in her Instagram story.

The orthopedist had to break her toe again so that it would grow back together properly. Luckily, Evelyn doesn't have to wear a cast, a bandage and tape are enough.

January 17: Model Marie Nasemann put on a facade

This step took effort. Hidden for a long time Marie Nasemann (33) a very specific photo of yourself on the phone: a picture that shows what the model really is. Again and again she decided against publication. But now she dared. Because she has learned to like all her facets - even those that she used to 'push away unhealthily'. With honest words, she shares a portrait with a serious look on Instagram: ' [...] it shows how I'm often on it. Critical, questioning, stubborn, angry, angry . All characteristics that are not necessarily considered positive characteristics of 'women' in our society'. For this reason, she never wanted to show this page publicly. Fear of criticism, of stigmatization. She was convinced: 'Definitely these corners of the mouth hang too far down for Instagram', for the platform where mostly only that Positive and Perfect will be shown. But she now admits that she doesn't always feel like grinning. And that should be okay, too, because nobody in this world owes anyone a smile.

Jan 16: Cathy Hummels uses designer bag as bikini

  Cathy Hummels
Cathy Hummels forgot her swimsuit. Now she shows her emergency solution. © Instagram, Instagram/cathyhummels

Oops, someone must have forgotten their swimsuit! Cathy Hummels (34) is enjoying the Thai sun on the beach - just as God created it. And not on a naturist vacation. No, Cathy has full working days ahead of her. Filming for the new season of the RTLzwei format 'Battle of the Reality Stars' go again! And the moderator must not be missing . But obviously she forgot one essential thing when packing: her bikini. In addition to all the moderation cards and glitter dresses, there was probably no more room in the suitcase for them. But she doesn't present herself completely naked on Instagram. For a photo, she throws on a little something: a coarsely woven Prada bag. With the handle thrown over her head, she casually poses for her “new collection”. This solution is definitely creative. Maybe even with potential for a new trend? At least that way you don't get annoying tan lines.

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