'Hard but fair' presenter Frank Plasberg reveals how high his pension is


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  ARCHIVE - October 31, 2022, North Rhine-Westphalia, Cologne: The presenter Frank Plasberg is standing after a live production of the discussion program"hart aber fair" im Studio (Zu dpa: «Das letzte «hart aber fair» mit Frank Plasberg») Foto: Henning Kaiser/dpa +++ dp
Last 'hard but fair' show with Frank Plasberg © dpa, Henning Kaiser

For almost 22 years Frank Plasberg (65) for 'Hard but fair' in front of the camera. But on November 14, 2022 he will be the moderator for the last time through the political talk - and then it's actually over. He says goodbye to his well-deserved retirement and now reveals in an interview what it will look like!

These are Frank Plasberg's plans

The 65-year-old chats with “Bild” about the coming months and reveals what is planned. 'Maybe I'll get on with my Spanish properly. It's a good feeling that I haven't accumulated so many things that I finally want or need to do. Although, in six months I mustn't forget to apply for my pension,' he explains and, when asked, adds how much he can expect: 'Around 2,000 euros. My wife now has to earn the rest.”

Just kidding, of course, because Frank Plasberg has taken precautions so that he doesn't have to rely on his pension alone: ​​'But I know what it's like to have to make do with very little. I come from a household that didn't have much money when I was a child.'

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„Hart aber fair“ meets „Let’s Dance“?

Incidentally, Frank Plasberg's wife already has plans for her husband. 'I think my wife is happy that I'll be cooking for the family more often in the near future. I want to get a lot better at that. Also, she wants me to be on Let's Dance,' he reveals. In general, this idea seems to go down well with his family: 'There is enormous pressure from the family side! My son really likes the idea too. I've even had a trainer for a while with whom I try to keep my body under control.'

However, he himself is not yet convinced and emphasizes that he 'absolutely cannot' dance. But what is not, can still be... And for that long you can also sniff 'Let's Dance' air on the television. For example 'Let's Dance - The Big Christmas Show' , which will be on TV on December 23rd from 8:15 p.m. and then also on RTL+ you can see. (dga)

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