Hard test in Jessica Schwarz's marriage: 'We were out of step as a couple'


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 For Jessica Schwarz and her husband Louis Beckmann, a long separation has been an ordeal
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Only in summer 2021 Jessica Schwarz (45) married her great love Louis Beckmann (33). . Actually, the couple should still be on cloud nine. But as the successful actress has now revealed, a long separation between the two has become a real test of endurance for the relationship.

'I was really out of step'

In the last two years, Jessica Schwarz's life has been pretty turbulent: The 'Romy' actress has found her great love in Louis Beckmann. Together the couple moved to Portugal, where the two opened a glamping hotel in March 2021 . The dream wedding followed in July 2021. In addition, Jessica was and is in great demand as an actress, Her new film “Over & Out” was only recently released in cinemas . That sounds like a perfect life. In an interview with 'Bunte', Jessica Schwarz revealed that success also has its downsides. Her constant absence due to many days of shooting has already put her young marriage to the test.

'I was constantly shooting for six months, twice eight weeks at a time away from home and my loved one,' she explains in an interview. Not quite what she would have wished for her relationship: 'It was a great nervous ordeal for me.' And so arriving in Portugal after this long time wasn't easy either. 'After my return, it felt like I just stood around for a week and didn't know exactly where to start with me or with him or at all. I was really out of step,' she admits openly in the 'Bunte' interview. And it wasn't just her, but her husband as well. 'We had lost our rhythm as a couple in the last six months,' she found.

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'It was just a tough test'

In such a situation, it is important to look for solutions together. And the two apparently found it for themselves. “After a chat we were back in sync. It was just a tough test, which is why I'm enjoying my time in Portugal with him even more now,' explains Jesscia Schwarz to the 'Bunte'. Then she adds that she 'doesn't want to know anything about screenplays at first.' So that she can really do this, Jessica and Louis have decided to spend some time together. After the end of the season in Portugal, the two have planned a road trip back to Germany.

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