Harry deflowered? The supposed seductress speaks plainly: 'The only nuts I've ever touched...'


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  Who gave Prince Harry his first time?
Who gave Prince Harry his first time? © dpa, Victoria Jones, mka nwi

In his memoirs 'Spare' (in German: 'Reserve') * knows Prinz Harry no taboos. The 38-year-old not only shoots against that British royal family and his royal relatives , but also packs rather juicy details from his private life the end. Among other things, he reveals that he was deflowered by an “older woman” at the age of 17. Of course, there is now a lot of speculation about the identity of this lady. Was British society lady Suzannah Harvey (44 today) the one who gave Harry his first time? Now she has made a public statement about it.

Has the beautiful Suzannah Harvey seduced the young prince?

Young Harry lost his innocence to an 'elderly woman' in a field behind a very busy pub. The prince does not reveal the name of his seductress in his book, but reveals this detail: 'She liked horses, very much so, and treated me like a young stallion.' And: 'I quickly mounted her, then she gave me a slap butt and sent me away.'

Given these revelations, it's no wonder the rumor mill is churning in the UK. Who did Harry have his first time with? After actress Elizabeth Hurley (57) already denied that she was the mature lady another horse lover is now the focus of interest: Suzannah Harvey. The former model is six years older than the prince. The two were previously linked in 2001, when the hotly debated event is said to have taken place. Old photos from that time show Harry and Suzannah, who also happens to be a passionate horsewoman and horse lover, together at the Beaufort Yule Ball.

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'Don't believe anything you read!'

So far, Suzannah had remained silent about the speculation about her supposed tête-à-tête with Harry. She did not respond to journalists' inquiries for days, British media reports. But now the mother of two seems to have had enough of the rumors and speaks plain text on Instagram.

In her story she publishes a picture of a candy called 'Ginger Nuts' and writes: 'The only ones I've ever touched...'. The 44-year-old is obviously referring to the current headlines about her and Harry, since redheads are often referred to as 'gingers' in England. Suzannah clarifies, 'Don't believe anything you read.'

It seems the mystery surrounding Harry's mysterious first sex partner is still unsolved.

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RTL shows Harry's explosive full-length interview

Prince Harry's autobiography will be released on January 10th. For the publication of his book, the 38-year-old gave a detailed interview to the British broadcaster ITV. RTL broadcast the entire conversation exclusively in Germany on January 9 from 5 p.m. in the special program “Exclusive Special: Harry – The Interview”. It is now available on RTL+ for subsequent viewing . (tma)

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