Harry Styles: He stays with Marvel


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 Harry Styles: He stays with Marvel
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Harry Styles has a bright future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

The 28-year-old megastar made a cameo appearance at the end of the 2021 film 'Eternals' when Eros/Starfox and Marvel Studios producer Nate Moore confirmed that Harry's alter-ego is an 'intriguing' character with a family connection to the villainous Thanos .

During an interview on Deadline Crew Call Podcast, Moore said: 'We certainly didn't cast Harry for one day - I mean, again - and for a character that maybe I have too much affection for because he's had some troublesome attempts at publishing had to go through. But there are more stories to tell with the character.' The producer added, 'He has a really interesting connection with Thanos. They are half brothers and have the same father. He's got an interesting power set.” So any films that will see Eros aka Starfox in the future could offer an interesting mix of story and fun. Moore added, 'He's a complicated character but also a really fun character. And I think after meeting Harry Styles: He is as charming as one could wish for. And I think there's no limit to how good this character will be if we can bring him back.'

'Eternals' director Chloe Zhao revealed that she was the driving force behind the decision to give the 'As It Was' hitmaker a role in the MCU. She said: 'Long story short, with that depressing ending, he would eventually be one of the Eternals on this ship. And that didn't quite work out. But I wanted to bring Eros into the MCU. So every chance I had down the hall I mentioned to Kevin Feige that I wanted to cast Harry Styles.'

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