Harry Styles reveals how he would raise his kids


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 Will Harry Styles (28) soon be a father? The singer reveals his educational ideal.
Will Harry Styles (28) soon be a father? The singer reveals what would be important to him when raising children © IMAGO/MediaPunch, IMAGO/John Palmer, www.imago-images.de

Pop-Icons Harry Styles (28) is currently on other planets - things couldn't be better for the singer. Not only musically the singer seems to have the right perspective , also his relationship to Olivia Wilde (38) seems to be running fine. So much so that the 28-year-old might already be thinking about the future? At least he now reveals how he would raise his children if he were to become a father.

individuality and freedom

Harry Styles has been dating Olivia Wilde for over a year. The singer appears to be deeply in love with the American actress . So much so that he could imagine a future with her. Olivia already has two children , Otis (8) and Daisy (5), from relationship with comedian Jason Sudeikis (46 ). The 28-year-old cannot and does not want to say that yet. But he has already thought about his upbringing methods just in case. In an interview with the music magazine 'Rolling Stone', the Brit reveals: 'Should the case ever occur, I would definitely encourage them to celebrate their individuality.' He also explains in the interview that his children, just like Harry, should celebrate their own vulnerability and dare to always talk openly about everything.

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Harry bids the stage farewell and goodbye

While the desire to have children is still in the stars, many fans and those around Harry are at least certain of one other thing: the marriage proposal to Olivia Wilde must come soon. And the 'One Direction' star also seems to be planning a future in which that at least doesn't seem impossible: At some point he would like to say goodbye to the stage for the long term and focus on family and friends. However, his fans can breathe a sigh of relief. Harry isn't completely off the hook: the musician never wants to stop writing songs.

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