'He really told the soap number' - Pocher blasphemes about the Becker interview


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  ARCHIVE - 06/28/2022, ---: KOMBO - Oliver Pocher, comedian (archive photo from 03/26/2022) and Boris Becker, former tennis professional (archive photo from 04/29/2022). Ex-tennis star Boris Becker's civil lawsuit against TV comedian Oliver Pocher will be filed on Dien
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In the latest podcast episode of 'Die Pochers'. Oliver Pocher (44) together with Mrs Amira Pocher (30) again bad hair on Boris Becker (55) and criticizes the interview that was recorded after his release. And what does Boris Becker say about this?

An enmity goes into the next round: Oliver Pocher (40) shares again against Boris Becker (55). In the new episode of his podcast 'Die Pochers' with his wife Amira, the comedian talks about Becker's interview after his release from prison, which was broadcast on Sat.1. The Wimbledon winner spoke to moderator Steven Gätjen (50) about his time behind bars, how he really feels about his ex-wives and his children and about his great love Lilian.

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'He really told the soap number'

Amira and Oliver are known for not mincing their words. So also with this topic. In this conversation, however, the comedian is visibly more interested in the Becker interview. His wife Amira seems to be rather annoyed: 'I can't hear it anymore,' the 30-year-old interrupts her husband and makes it clear: 'We had more quota for 'Hot oder Schrott' than the Becker interview.'

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But Pocher visibly burns the topic under his nails. The entertainer found the TV appearance of the 55-year-old anything but worth seeing. 'When he talks about the time, it sounds like a best-of from prison films is being told,' and summarizes for his wife, who didn't watch the interview: 'By the way: it's not his fault, the counselors are to blame . He shows great signs of remorse and when he starts to cry it lasts 20 seconds and then it continues and there was no whiskey on the table it was Red Bull Sugar Free. That clears all mysteries.'

Amira seems annoyed by this topic, but Pocher is not finished with his recapitulation: 'He really told the soap number. He was really afraid to take a shower,' Pocher reports to his wife.

'I liked that very much'

The well-known moderator Steven Gätjen conducted the interview. And although Pocher 'really likes Steven', Pocher thinks that it looked more like a 'fan club meeting'. According to the entertainer, Gätjen asked the wrong questions: 'Nothing came across originally. Whenever things got interesting, he said: 'But it doesn't matter now',' said the 40-year-old.

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But the father of five found one positive thing: “Boris contradicted himself again and again during the two hours. I liked that very much,' says Pocher, albeit ironically. And what does Boris Becker say about this? When asked by RTL, he did not want to comment on Pocher's statements. (msu)

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