Heavily pregnant Jenny Frankhauser in the stress of moving


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  Shortly before the birth of her first child, Jenny Frankhauser got a more practical hairstyle.
Jenny Frankhauser shortly before the birth of her first child © Jenny Frankhauser / Instagram

Jenny Frankhauser (30) is expecting her first child with her boyfriend Steffen König. Being very pregnant alone can be very exhausting for many women - but that also happens with Jenny and her loved one nor the stress of moving on top of that . The two are currently moving into a shared house that still looks very much like a construction site.

Is stress getting to you?

  Jenny Frankhauser move
Jenny Frankhauser is in the stress of moving. © instagram/jenny_frabkhauser

Jenny shows a few impressions of her new home in her Instagram story. What you see above all are boxes stacked in the rooms and a rather exhausted soon-to-be mom. A kitchen is still missing and nothing is really in its place.

Her fans are also worried and are asking her to step down a bit. But Jenny's only answer is: 'No time...would never move/renovate again during pregnancy!' But she also writes that although she is tired, she is happy and can hardly wait until her son finally arrives is in the world.

Friends have let them down

Frankhauser and König have only been busy renovating and moving for the last few weeks... Support from friends is said to have been partially absent. Jenny told her fans in a 'Q&A' on Instagram. Although she didn't ask many people, it was a matter of course for her that the friends would come and lend a hand on their own. She was obviously wrong and a lot stuck with the pregnant woman and her boyfriend.

She goes on to say that many friendships have changed or even dissolved. She had nothing to do with many people after she met her boyfriend Steffen and didn't want to party anymore. And friendships also broke up during the pregnancy, since Jenny now has other priorities.

In the video: Shock for Jenny Frankhauser shortly before the birth

  Shock for Jenny Frankhauser shortly before the birth

Steffen is by her side

Despite all the chaos, Jenny can rely on her boyfriend Steffen König, even though things didn't always go smoothly there either. In the fall of 2019, the two were seen together for the first time. Steffen wrote to the reality TV star on Instagram . Half a year later it was all over again.

Apparently it didn't work out completely without each other. In 2020, the Katzenberger sister announced her love comeback. Now the two are becoming parents for the first time. (mri)

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