Heidi Gross raves about Tatjana Patitz' trademark


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Heidi Gross looks at Tatjana Patitz's model career

Heidi Gross, Germany's most powerful woman in the model business. She is practically the German Anna Wintour; knows all German models and has already worked with everyone. Also with Tatjana Patitz, who died yesterday (January 11) at the age of 56 . Heidi Gross told us how the supermodel ticked privately. Excerpts from the exclusive interview can be seen in the video above.

She's a fan since first sight

 Tatjana Patitz (model) 07/90 Tatjana Patitz in July 1990 on the NDR talk show (NDR) Germany German German woman photo model actress acting film television TV talk show german actress transverse portrait neutral smiling smoking cigarette
Tatjana Patitz in July 1990. © imago images / teutopress, via www.imago-images.de, www.imago-images.de

Model agent Heidi Gross saw more than 30 years ago Model Tatjana Patitz live for the first time. She picked up the young model at the time at Hamburg Airport. The first thing she thought at that moment, she told us: 'This is really a big, big beauty with really great blue eyes.' An almost surreal description after her long flight from Los Angeles. But instead of a shaggy hairstyle, she surprised Heidi Gross with her bright flashing eyes.

And that's exactly what became her trademark, bringing her to the top of the modeling world. They gave her a look that was different, reveals Heidi Gross. Nobody could keep up with this look – well, at least almost nobody, the model professional smiles: “I remember a husky. I met her [Tatjana] in New York, and she stood in front of me with those blue eyes. And the husky had blue eyes as well.' But not only the eyes connected Tatjana with the four-legged friend. She generally had a great love for animals, enthuses Heidi Gross.

Model and animal lover

Tatjana Patitz even lived on a range. You rarely met her without an animal by her side, says Heidi Gross: “She had Babalou, the cockatoo. And when I talked to her on the phone, you could hear Babalou the cockatoo in the background.” Yes, even when she was on the phone at work, she shared her animal life with those around her. She did what made her happy, even if it sometimes made Heidi unintentionally improvise on the set: 'But she was very special. Sometimes she didn't come, that was also the case'. Nevertheless, Heidi will miss her, as a model and as a person, like many other colleagues.

You can find out more details about her life in an as yet unpublished interview Tatjana Patitz and Frauke Ludowig (59) on Sunday at 7:05 p.m. on “Exclusive – Weekend”. (rbe)

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