Heidi Klum: First husband Ric Pipino looks completely different today


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Heidi Klum's first ex-husband: what Ric Pipino looks like today

He was Heidi Klums first husband : the Australian star hairdresser Ric Pipino (62). 25 years ago he gave the supermodel the yes word. Divorce followed just five years later. But what is Pipino doing today? He is now 62 years old and has changed quite a bit. But he is still a star hairdresser, as he proves in the video – in a new look.

Klum ex Ric Pipino wears white hair and glasses today

would you have recognized him? Ric Pipino has changed a lot since splitting up with Heidi in 2002. No wonder, more than 20 years have passed since then. His hair, which was gray at the time, is now snow-white and the hair stylist, who lives in New York, now wears glasses. Born in Australia, he is still 'big in business'. He now has stores in Miami, St. Louis, Dallas, Los Angeles and even in Mexico.

In his most recent Instagram post, the entrepreneur thanks for the year 2022 and the development of his own brand 'Pipino.' 'In 2022 we laid our first big roots for what Pipino is and will become. Every single friend and supporter is a part of what we are building,' writes the 62-year-old. By that he doesn't just mean his hairdressing salon, but also a special hairbrush that he designed himself. 'Thank you to all my customers, new and old, to everyone who visited us, bought a brush, gave us their time, space, love and ears!' Pipino said.

Pipino has a wife and three children

Things are also going well in the love life of the 62-year-old. In December 2020 he married his girlfriend Janet Marcel. He also shares three children with ex-girlfriend Jenne Lombardo: Bowie, Valentine and Roxie. The hairdresser proudly shows his happiness in love and family on his Instagram account.

In the video: TikTok video by Heidi Klum heats up

 Heidi Klum's TikTok video heats up

Heidi is happily married to Tom Kaulitz

His ex Heidi Klum does the same for Pipino: As an 'America's Got Talent' juror, 'Germany's Next Top Model' presenter, model and entrepreneur, she has a lot to do and things are also going well with Heidi privately: with her husband Tom Kaulitz (33) she was just in an eventful ski vacation ! (lkr)

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